IV Vitamin C instead of Chemotherapy

"High Dose vitamin C can stop a cold within hours, and stops viral pneumonia in 2 or 3 days.  It is a highly effective antihistamine, antiviral, and antitoxin.  It reduces inflammation and lowers fever. Intravenous vitamin C kills cancer cells - so why have the medical professions not embraced Vitamin C therapy?"  orthomolecular.org

Vitamin C Explained by Dr. Suzanne Humphries lecture in Sweden

Professor Margaret Vissers Lecture New Zealand

Dr. Mattias Rath, Netherlands Lecture - Natural Control Of Cardiovasculoar Disease and Vitamin C

Dr. Sydney Bush Eyes and Heart Disease, Reversal With Vitamins C & Other Nutrients

Vitamin C as a cancer treatment explained by the Riordan Clinic

Dr. Robert Cathcart has treated many patients in the 1960`s with high dose vitamin c for influenza, pneumonia,hepatitis, and aids.