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This Is My Story

Chris Wake Cert. Plant Based Nutrition & Adv. dip. Horticulture

14 Years ago my health was so bad I spent a lot of money (thousands of dollars), time and effort trying to get help from the medical system but nothing worked and I just got worse. Now I rarely get sick and am healthy and well everyday with plenty of energy!

I had a very Poor immune system :

  • Colds and flu 4 times a year
  • Tonsilitis, bronchitis up to 5 times per year
  • Poly cystic ovary syndrome, irregular cycle, fibroids,
  • Pre cancer cells cervix
  • Chronic insomnia since childhood
  • Overweight around 20kg
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • Lactose Intolerant
  • Gluten Intolerant

I thought my diet was healthy - I ate plenty of veggies but the moment I changed to a plant based diet and started to grow some of my own food my health started to soar and my problems went away. I would make sure I had enough of the the right minerals in the vegetable garden as I believe modern food is very deficient of many nutrients including magnesium and selenium. We have since moved to a smaller property and cannot grow our own food and it is now very clear to me that we all need to take nutrient rich natural dietary supplements that we can not otherwise get through our food. Australians are very deficient in many vital nutrients and it is making us sick. We desperately need MORE nutrients daily to prevent disease and heal our bodies.

My health has had another major shift upward since taking Macro and micro algae health supplements, brown seaweed extract called Ultra Health 1000 and Karen Phytoplankton as it is a powerful detoxifier & blood sugar regulator ( and many other things),  is jam packed full of minerals our veggies are lacking due to poor soil, it also comes with a daily dose of fucoidan which you will hear a lot about in the media in the future.  Fucoidan is very beneficial to total body health and is very therapeutic for many serious health conditions such as cancer.  I feel so amazing that I decided to source/import and sell these extracts in Australia.  Maybe I am ahead of the curve here - I encourage you to try them they fill nutritional gaps, are very bioactive and therapeutic. 

Wishing you amazing health,

Chris Wake, Ultra Health Store


We are passionate about helping others to be as healthy as they can be that is why this store exists.  We recognise there are major shortfalls with our current levels of nutrition through the food we eat, the time it takes from picking to eating, poor nutrient soils and the questionable quality & bio-availabilty of many nutrition supplements we have access to.  Our supplements can REPLACE many other supplements you are currently taking. 

Because of new scientific evidence about micro and macro seaweed/algae extracts & phytoplankton and the longevity and good health of the Okinawan people due to a plant based diet and the nutrient rich raw seaweeds they consume we are proud to offer you the best quality, concentrated, raw, clean, bio-active, readily absorbed whole food concentrated seaweed extracts that are available today. 

There are now 1000`s of scientific studies on the benefits of seaweeds and special seaweed extracts and it is not surprising to us all of earths nutrients originated from the oceans and as with all other plants marine plants have 1000`s of complex amazing compounds that work in synergy to deliver a whole high nutrient food. These compounds will never be fully understood but the Asian communities have known about the medicinal benefits of seaweeds for several thousand years.

You will notice we do not stock many products this is because we believe it is not necessary to health and it is important to get nourishment from fresh raw foods as much as possible.

We also prefer you to add the powder extracts to smoothies or food rather take capsules or tablets as it means less unecessary indgredients for your liver to process and is a smaller environmental footprint.


It is our hope that you will make these new superfoods part of your daily routine for short and long term to reap all the health benefits our products have to offer.