I have been eating a plant based diet since 2007 and my myriad of health issues have disappeared and my health has soared.  I have lost about 15kg of excess weight. (I am not perfect all the time!)

I feel younger now than I did in my 20`s, 30`s, and most of my 40`s and all of my health problems have been resolved! The best news for me (almost 60 now) is that I hardly ever get sick and I am empowered by my good health and no longer need to rely on a health system that focuses on masking the symptoms for the answers. There is a saying “Genetics loads the gun but diet pulls the trigger”  Read More Here

I will start with protein as it the main focus of the typical western diet and is usually the first question people ask - there is just as much protein in legumes gram for gram than red meat - it is more bioavailable, comes with no risk to health such as the links of saturated fat and heart disease or cancer and consuming animal based foods. Plant based protein also is packaged with 10,000s of other beneficial plant nutrients, fibre & delivers the correct amount of protein to our bodies. The following nutrients are either not provided or are in very inadequate quantities in animal based foods but are in much higher quantities in plants based foods:

The Largest Animals On Earth Get Their Protein From Plants

More Nutrients Your Body Needs

Beta carotene, dietary fibre, vitamin c, folate, vitamin e, iron, magnesium Calcium is also higher in plant based foods when comparing 500 calories of  animal or plant based food and does not leave an acidic residue when metabolised, therefore your body does not need to take calcium out of your bones to balance your PH as in the case when consuming animal based foods. It is a myth that we need to consume animal based foods at all and there are very strong links to consuming animal based foods and many chronic diseases for example the link between cows milk protein and the trigger of Type1 diabetes in young children is stronger than the link between smoking and lung cancer or saturated fat and heart disease. There are strong links between consuming animal based foods with other autoimmune diseases like MS, Lupus. The nutrition science is showing there are strong links between consuming animal based foods and cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, kidney stones, allergies, osteoporosis, skin disorders, insomnia and more.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Clinicla Trial - Reverses Heart disease With A Fat Plant Based diet

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Clinicla Trial - Reverses Heart disease With A Fat Plant Based diet

Reverse Heart Disease?

Blocked Artery Before Photo - patient on a typical western style diet & After photo - a restored artery when on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet With No Oil - no man made drug even comes close to this effect. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Has completed 2 clinical trials with compelling results and the group had 49 cardiac events in the 8 years prior to the change in diet and only 1 cardiac event out of the 20 people in the 12 years after the new diet because he strayed from the diet. This clinical trial has now been done with 198 patients with the same results. Document Here

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