Olive Leaf Extract Immune Support Apple Flavor

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olive leaf extract wellgrove apple flavour.jpg
olive leaf extract wellgrove apple flavour benefits.jpg
olive leaf extract wellgrove apple flavor directions.jpg

Olive Leaf Extract Immune Support Apple Flavor


Olive Leaf Extract
500mL Bottle Immune Support Green Apple Flavour

✅ Made from Fresh Leaf within 4 Hours of Picking to Retain Antioxidants

✅ Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extract has been Independently Lab tested to Have the highest levels of anti oxidants of popular brands including naturopathic brands.

✅ Anti Fungal

Super High Strength LIQUID OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT for Heart & Immune Health, Scientific research shows Is an Agent to Help With: Heart Health, Candida, Immune System, Arthritis, Period Pain, Brain Health, Insulin Resistance & Diabetes, Anti Cancer, Anti Inflammatory, Viruses, Infections, Parasites.

Olive leaf contains oleuropein, a compound that plays a role in supporting a healthy immune system. It has been shown in traditional usage to assist in the relief of the symptoms of a fever as well as a tonic for good health and wellbeing.
Traditionally Olive leaf has been used for its antibiotic
properties as well as assisting in the relief of cold and flu symptoms. As well as supporting a healthy immune. Olive extract is anti fungal, anti parasite, anti bacterial.
system. Wellgrove olive leaf extract is a strong antioxidant that can assist with supporting against free radical damage as well as assist in wellbeing and health. Wellgrove olive leaf extract also contains
✅ Each 15mL dose contains: 150mg of total antioxidants

✅ Wellgrove Heart Health Olive Leaf Extract each 15ml dose contains 75mg of Oleuropein
and 5mg of Hydroxytyrosol

✅ Suitable for Children

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After reviewing all the available information on Olive Leaf Extract, one comes away with the impression that the regular use of Olive Leaf Extract can be a simple but very effective dietary supplement that is used to strengthen the immune system in order to better combat the many ailments that come our way. The end result is better health, a feeling of well-being and more energy, from using natures natural antibiotic. Fortunately, the drug companies cannot genetically alter the oleuropein in order to patent it because of the way it works in the body, any attempt to change its physical structure neutralises the effect of the product.

Feel Healthy Now! The full benefits of Olive Leaf Extract have not yet been realised. Our Olive leaf extract is anti fungal, anti parasite, anti bacterial.

Increased Energy.
 Olive Leaf Extract produces substantial energy in most people who use it. It is not at all uncommon to hear people state that they have more energy than they have had for years!!One likely reason for this is that the body is now freed from fighting so many opportunistic invaders inward for immune processes, the body can redirect that energy level outwards to be used as desire.

Our Olive Leaf Extract is made from the finest Leaf.
The Product contains no additives other than vegetable glycerin to enhance the sweetness of the Oleuropein which is naturally very bitter.


Australian Made and Owned - made from fresh leaf with 4 hours of picking to retain the antioxidants


Suitable for topical applications and gargling as well as dosing 3 times per day. Suitable for children half dose or as specified by your health practitioner.

Fungal Link to Cancer

Antioxidant Activity 

Olive leaf extract is a potent natural antioxidant. The most prominent antioxidants found in Olive Leaf Extract are oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. In addition, additional components are: 

  • Oleuropein 

  • Hydroxytyrosol 

  • Rutin 

  • Catechin 

  • Luteolin 

  • Diosmetin 

  • Caffeic acid 

  • Verbascoside 

  • Vanillic acid 

  • Tyrosol 

  • Vanillin 

In 2007, published research showed that olive leaf extract had one of the highest free radical-scavenging activities of 55 medicinal herbs tested, including green tea and milk thistle.3 (Other herbs that ranked highly (along with olive leaf extract were Cimicifuga racemosa root/rhizome (Black cohosh), Rheum palmatum root/rhizome (Chines rhubarb), Glycyrrhiza (licorice root) glabra root and Scutellaria lateriflora (blue skullcap)).