Umac core Marine Phytoplankton

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Umac core Marine Phytoplankton


Concentrated marine phytoplankton made bio-available by a patented process.  Microscopic, nutrient rich 200 different species, wild harvested, sustainably grown in clean ocean water in Canada, excess phytoplankton are returned to the ocean. High calcium species Lithothamnion is a feature of this formula and is a readily absorbed plant based, alkaline source of calcium.


Plant sources of calcium are preferred by your body because dairy sources metabolise to an acidic ash and contribute to osteoporosis. Other sources of calcium in supplements are likely to be be ground up rock. Umac-Core Marine Phytoplankton is the only phytoplankton that has been used in a double blind, clinical trial at the university of Utah. 

      • Supports Bone Health
      • Supports Cellular
      • Promotes Energy & Vitality
      • Excellent Source Of Micro Nutrients


    Bone Health

    • Preservation of bone structure and strength while on a Western style diet

    • Inhibition of Bone Mineral Density loss

    • Aids the mineralization and maturation of bone cells

    • Fast & effective PTH suppression and protection from exercise-induced bone loss

    • Mineral supplement (Phyterol) show proven synergy in enhancement of bone mineralization

    Joint Health

    • Proven anti-inflammatory activity

    • Pain and stiffness reduction for sufferers of osteoarthritis

    • Ability for sufferers of osteoarthritis to reduce NSAID use by up to 50%

    Immune/Digestive Health

    • Anti-inflammatory activity existing in the GI tract

    • Prevention of polyp formation on a high fat Western diet

    • Maintenance of healthier stomach wall on a high fat Western diet

    • Increase the activation of leukocytes (specifically natural killer cells) to boost the innate immune response

    Clinical Studies have shown to support:

    Clinically proven nutritional support for management of blood sugar levels in Females

    Clinically proven nutritional support for improvement of physical, mental & emotional health and well‐being

    Clinically proven to maintain lower PSA levels in males

    How To Use:

    Take 3 capsules daily with or without food

     Supplement Facts:

    Serving size 3 capsules, servings per container 30

    Proprietary blend extract marine phytoplankton 750mg

    Vegetable capsule

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