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 Erica Sonnenburg PHD is a Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in Stanford University School of Medicine. The bacteria living in the human gut (a.k.a. the "microbiome") is constantly changing and adapting with diet and lifestyle. In this two-part presentation, Erica Sonnenburg,  explains her research on this phenomena and describes how she promotes a healthy microbiota through a fibre heavy diet. Her lab is not funded by pharmaceutical companies or business so her research is not "filtered" in any way. Her & her partner`s work has been published in many peer reviewed scientific journals and has been quoted by many others in medical/nutrition circles.

  • She and her family eat a high fibre diet, grow some of their own food and eat milk kefir and cultured vegetables every day to improve the diversity of microbiota species in the gut. 


This lecture is well worth watching for a deeper understanding on the impacts of a reduced diversity of the microbiota and direct links to all aspects of our health.

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