Iron Metal Filings in "Fortified/Enriched" Foods - Cereals, Breads, Pasta, Baby Foods, Formula, Milks, Flours...

RED ALERT! Iron filings which are added to our food are literally metal filings that our bodies are not designed to absorb but cause serious oxidative stress in our gut and may be a common cause of leaky gut which leads to auto immune diseases & other problems such as autism and we know that chronic inflammation can lead to cancer, heart disease….

When iron oxidises it is the same as having rust in our body. Iron filings may be added to baby formula, breads, flours, multi vitamins, processed foods, restaurant food, milks, juices, cereals so please check your labels (if you can trust them) or just make your own food from scratch. Manufacturers can add 5% of “Enriched” “Fortified” which includes iron filings, aluminium, and ground up rocks - they legally do not have to declare it on the label here in Australia. Manufacturers can add 5% preservatives and still call it “preservative free on the label”.

Iron filings are not bioavailable to our bodies. Calcium enrichment means ground up rocks added to our foods -we are not designed to eat rocks! How can we have good health when the system allows manufacturers to systematically poison us? Our labelling laws need to be changed and I have have been saying this for many years. While vitamin C and anti oxidant fruits and vegetables can help we must stop adding petrol to the fire. It is logical to think this would be one of the reasons why we as a nation have such a decline in our health. “Fortified” and “Enriched foods should be banned. World expert cardiologist Dr. Thomas E Levy has written about this issue - here is the link: blog Health E Bytes

Please watch the video for yourself and yes Australian manufacturers add iron filings to food including well know “health” companies.

Dr. Mercola advises us to stay away from fortified foods

Article in Nutrition Research

Articles and studies regarding iron toxicity such as this one from the Eck Institute of Applied Nutrition and this one from Cornell University

“Oxidative Stress is the Roost Cause Of All Human Disease” Dr. Thomas E Levy

World renowned Dr. Thomas E. Levy speaks about how to combat inflammation and disease by reducing oxidative stress and avoiding supplements that could be causing us harm.