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  • New super food has many health benefits including skin & hair health

  • Brown algae may be superior to Spirulina due to its high fibre

  • Natural iodine helps weight loss & cellulite by stimulating the thyroid

  • Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be fans

  • A superior super food due to High levels of protein and fibre

Stars` secret weapon Victoria Beckham & Gwyneth Paltrow are reported to be amongst brown algae`s celebrity fans. 

"According to the Daily Mail the health benefits of brown algae extract include aiding weight loss, slowing down cellular ageing, energy boosting, reducing skin conditions such as eczema and giving a glowing complexion. They say that Victoria Beckham, Madonna & Gwyneth Paltrow are among the stars said to have adopted brown algae into their lives and their bodies. Britney spears is also a fan and reportedly eats it raw."

Algae are plants that grow in water - brown seaweed is a macro algae and the most nutrient rich species is Laminaria. Spirulina is also an algae that is farmed in ponds which leaves it open to contamination. Most people know brown algae as kelp or kombu and the sea water that has the most nutrients is the cold clean water from Patagonia.

Iodine is a crucial element for weight loss as it feeds your thyroid gland.  Your thyroid gland is found in your neck and can cause problems with your hormones and metabolism.  Most Australians have and acute deficiency in iodine as we do not eat enough wild fish, seaweed or algae.  This means many of us suffer hypothyroidism which is an under active thyroid and leads to unnatural weight gain.

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Kelp Is Rich In

Natural Iodine

Brown algae extract also contains unique antioxidants and compounds called fucoidan, fucoxanthin and alginate that have been linked to studies that show anti-cancer, anti-viral & anti-bacterial benefits as well as anti-ageing. 

Brown algae is also high in other nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, chromium, copper, zinc and many B-vitamins. 

Professor Peer Schneck from Queensland University’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences said his research shows that brown algae seaweed is more rich in antioxidants than acai berry and contain more vitamins that tomatoes and pumpkins.'

It also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. 

‘It comprises more protein than eggs and has a low GI,' said Professor Schneck. 

'This is particularly important because it allows the body to slowly digest the contents which may help with the feeling of satiety and allow for better absorption.’ 

The brown algae sustainably hand harvested from Patagonia is by far the best and the juice with the valuable soluble fibre and all the health nutrients is then extracted & dehydrated at low temperature and placed into vegan capsules. Ultra Life 1000 Brown Algae extract is available as capsules or powdered form.