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 Laminaria japonica is an excellent source of iodine that promotes thyroid function. While iodine levels in Laminira vary depending on quality, the superfood is known to contain above average levels of the important mineral. Sufficient iodine levels help improve the body’s metabolism and keep cancer and other adverse medical conditions at bay. Besides this, Laminaria (kombu) is touted for its rich nutrient content that improves organ function, immunity, muscle agility, and general wellness.

The brown seaweed is also notably high in calcium, which is essential in maintaining strong bones and teeth. In fact, an ounce of Laminaria provides about 12 percent of the recommended daily intake for calcium. This makes this particular species of seaweed an ideal alternative to milk and other dairy products for vegans and people with lactose intolerance.

Laminaria is naturally rich in dietary fibre that facilitates digestion. on  soluble fibre, which in turn promotes satiety. Likewise, the dietary fibre in brown seaweed extract serves as a natural laxative that addresses constipation. A compound called alginate found in Laminaria can also help to calm an inflamed digestive system.

In addition, Laminaria has another compound called Laminarin and is valued for its beneficial effects on the body’s cardiovascular profile. A previous study has shown that the superfood is capable of reducing bad cholesterol levels while simultaneously increasing good cholesterol levels in the body. As per the study, this effect is due to the seaweed’s ability to inhibit cholesterol absorption in the small intestines.

Moreover, the superfood is found to effectively enhance blood circulation. Laminaria is loaded with iron and may provide as much as 13 percent of the mineral’s recommended daily allowance for every ounce. The superfood’s high iron content is essential in hemoglobin production and oxygen delivery to various organ systems. This makes laminaria an ideal food fare against a host of blood-related diseases such as anemia and clotting.

Furthermore, kombu is an excellent source of germanium. The mineral is touted for its beneficial effects on the skin.


Body systems supported by kombu

Laminaria helps enhance the body’s thyroid function and metabolism. Likewise, brown seaweed extract is essential in maintaining strong bones and teeth. Brown seaweed (Kombu) also bolsters heart health and promotes blood circulation. In addition, Laminaria ensures a healthy digestion and enhances skin condition.

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