Australians Have Been Deceived by Supplement Companies

Have we have all been deceived by some “Australian” supplement companies?

I was shocked to discover that more than 90% of the world`s Vitamin C is made in Polluted China we are talking air pollution and cadmium in the soil, GMO ingredients, unreliable quality standards etc. I contacted a spokesperson at 2 well known Australian Brands to verify their source of Vitamin C and was disappointed to discover that yes their Vitamin C is from China and that China makes 98% of the world`s Vitamin C and the other 2% is made in Scotland.  All Australian brands and vitamin C in processed food is from China.  It is cheap but there may be a hidden cost.  This is why I have made available Ultra Fine Vitamin C from Scotland and although it is more expensive it is well worth it for your health.

Ultra Fine Vitamin C has:

90% of Vitamin C is from Polluted China| Health Kitchen

90% of Vitamin C is from Polluted China| Health Kitchen

  1. High quality control standards

  2. Is Non GMO

  3. Reliable

  4. Better absorbed

  5. More gentle on Digestion

  6. More effective

  7. Unpolluted

  8. No Deception

The cost for Ultra Fine Quali-C 225g is $59.95 - about the price of a pub meal with drinks. It is also good to include foods high in vitamin C in your diet but due to high levels of oxidative stress we also need to supplement with a quality Vitamin C. Ultra Fine Quali-C is only available at Health Kitchen in Australia.

Vitamin C Supplementation may Help:

  • Cancer - Vitamin C is a powerful anti oxidant

  • Heart Disease & Cholesterol

  • Asthma, Allergies, Cold & Flu

  • Inflammation, Joints, Connective Tissue

  • Detoxing from Chemicals such as chemotherapy, alcohol, medications, herbicides, pesticides

  • Skin, Hair & Nail Health

  • Exercise Recovery

  • Brain Health

  • Eye Health

  • Diabetes, Healthier weight