HI Chris, thankyou for the great workshop. I was just looking at your order form. Would I be able to buy some milk kefir please. Do you allow pick up at all?
Kind Regards

"I love the Ultra Life 1000 seaweed extract as it gives me more energy - could you please set up an auto renewal system so I never run out please?"

Fran, Beaumont


"I enjoyed the presentation and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. I have just started to eat my fermented cabbage - the taste is very good and when it is finished and I am still alive I will be in contact to buy all the ingredients I need to make more. I know of at least 2 people possibly more that would be interested. Any chance of having one in the Western suburbs. I can possibly organise a venue if you like. Let me know when you are doing another course. When the product has finished fermenting and I put it in the fridge do I need to remove the cabbage leaves from the top of the jar? If the water level is a bit low do I need to add some more? Do you sell all the ingredients for me to make another batch and what is the cost please. Can I pick up the ingredients from your place?"

Cheers, Henry, Western Suburbs

"Ultra Life 1000 powder makes me feel alive and healthy, I did not know that is was a really good prebiotic for my gut microbes as well! I noticed a difference when I ran out a while back."

Simon, Walkerville

Hi Chris,

"I would like to order 12 bottles of Ultra Life 1000 capsules so I don`t run out - bursitis in my hips has healed and the brown seaweed extract gives me more energy and I feel bright.  Thankyou."

Von, Hindmarsh Island

"I had ulcers on my ankles for 14 years caused by vein treatment. I have been to many skin specialists over the years and spent lots of $ but the ulcers did not heal.  I used your Karen Phytoplantkon lotion ever day for 2 weeks and the ulcers are completely gone! Incredible."

Henry, Adelaide