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An alkaline body is a healthy body. Pain, discomfort, illness and disease can not exist when the body is slightly alkaline with an optimal pH of 7.365. When your pH is out of balance you have an acid problem. If acid is not eliminated it will be stored in fat or stay in circulation damaging your organs, cells and body systems.

Alkaline Vegan Proteins’ unique formula of Sprouted Brown Rice and Golden Pea, has high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) such as Arginine and Lysine per serving to fuel an active lifestyle. It also has a powerful blend of L-glutamine and Papain for easier digestibility. If you suffer from High Blood Pressure; High Cholesterol; Poor Circulation; Arthritis; Reflux or Heart Burn; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Food Sensitivities and Allergies; Chronic Fatigue or Cancer etc, your body is most probably in an acidic state.

It is also know as the "World's Best Tasting" Alkaline Vegan Protein Powder!


  • High absorption rate of up to 98%
  • Complete Amino Acid profile
  • Dairy Free/Lactose Free/Gluten Free/Soy Free
  • Free from added Sugar/Saturated & Trans Fats
  • Low Carbohydrate/Low GI
  • GMO Free & Organic Ingredients
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Raw Plant Based Protein Source
  • Suitable For Vegetarians & Vegans
  • All Natural & Great Tasting
  • Papain (Digestive enzyme) - increases digestibility and absorption of nutrients
  • Variable blend of Raw Golden Pea Protein & Organic
  • Sprouted Wholegrain Brown Rice protein

The alkalising power of Golden Pea and organic Sprouted Brown Rice protein has instant bioavailability that can last up to 4hrs, with an absorption rate of up to 98%!

Each 30g serve contains an outstanding 81.7% protein, providing maximum benefits and results without the allergenic or digestive discomfort.



Raw Golden Pea Protein Isolate is a highly bioavailable protein source full of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals ideal for muscle growth.

Sprouted Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein is a very rich and complete source of amino acids. It is a preserved raw whole food with the added benefit of fibre, minerals and B vitamins.

Papain (papaya proteinase) is a powerful digestive enzyme extracted from the papaya fruit. Papain plays a significant role in protein breakdown and is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

L-Glutamine is a vital amino acid that supports cellular health and increases tissue repair.

Creatine Monohydrate causes the muscles to take in protein, increasing the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the cells, generating explosive energy, strength and stamina.

Taurine is a key amino acid that superchargers your nervous system, and aids in the digestion and absorption of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Beta-Alanine boosts explosive muscular strength and power output, increasing lean muscle mass and exercise capacity.

L-Arginine improves blood circulation, optimises muscle metabolism and increases exercise tolerance.

Bicarbonate Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium) help alkalise the body and buffer lactic acid so you can train harder for longer.


* Nutrient content may vary slightly from batch to batch

Amount per 30g servePer 100g


Energy (kJ)424.20 kJ1413.90 kJ

Calories101.32 Cal337.70 Cal

Calories from Fat2.31 Cal7.72 Cal

Fat - Total0.30g1.00g

  - Saturated0.00g0.00g

  - Trans0.00g0.00g

Carbohydrate - Total0.03g0.10g

  - Dietary Fibre0.45g1.00g

  - Sugars (naturally occurring)0.00g0.00g

Vitamins & Minerals






Vitamin A1.29ug4.29ug

Vitamin C0.73ug1.93ug

Alkaline Proprietary Blend


Creatine Monohydrate450mg1.5g








Ingredients: Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Rice Protein Isolate, Natural Flavours, L-Arginine, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine, Taurine, L-Glutamine, MCT, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Stevia, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Papain, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A


Sprouted Brown Rice protein is a pure, hypo-allergenic and easily digestible form of protein. An enzyme based procedure is applied at low temperatures to separate the carbohydrates, fibre and protein into individual components. This chemical free process prevents denaturation of the delicate amino acids, resulting in a product that is suitable for people with allergies and sensitivities. Rice protein has a biological value between 70-80% and an approximate absorption rate of 98%.

Sprouted Brown Rice protein is naturally high in the amino acids cysteine and methionine but is low in lysine. Pea Protein is the natural protein fraction of golden peas; it has a mild sweet flavour and is naturally high in lysine.

When Golden Pea is combined with brown rice not only does it smooth out the taste and texture of the rice protein, it creates a complete amino acid profile that easily rivals and beats that of dairy & egg based proteins without the negative health effects.

f there is a question vegans hear more than any other, it is, How do you get your protein? I often respond by asking the individual if they know anyone with a protein deficiency. Protein is found in nearly all foods and they are abundant in seeds, nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods.

In North America, we are taught from a young age to believe that the only good sources of protein come from animals. This is simply not true. In fact, it is proven by scores of scientific studies that plant-based sources of protein are easier for the human body to digest and absorb. Plus plant-based foods do not come with many of the negative health implications associated with a diet rich in animal protein such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Another advantage of plant-based foods is that they help promote an alkaline environment in our body. All animal protein is acid-forming whereas most plant protein is alkaline forming. Essentially, an alkaline diet is the exact opposite of the high protein, high fat, low carb diets that have recently been in vogue. Because our body's ideal pH is slightly alkaline, our diet should reflect this and also be slightly alkaline. A diet high in acidic foods such as animal protein, sugar, caffeine, and processed foods tends to deplete our body of alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, making us more susceptible to chronic and degenerative disease.

Though a vegan diet is often a topic of concern when it comes to athletic performance, those concerns are unwarranted. As a vegan bodybuilder, I compete in a sport dominated by meat eaters, most of whom scoff at the idea that one could get sufficient protein from plants to be competitive. I do not consume any animal products whatsoever, not even dairy or eggs. Instead, I focus on eating a wide variety of plant-based whole foods. My protein comes primarily from hemp, tofu, tempeh, beans, nuts, seeds, grains, rice, fruits and vegetables. By getting my protein from a wide variety of sources, I am ensuring my body receives a balance of essential amino acids.

Though I try to get as much protein as possible from whole foods, I often supplement with plant-based protein powders to help me meet my target of 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight for building muscle mass. My favorite protein powder source is hemp. In addition to being rich in complete protein, it is also a great source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre and chlorophyll.

Hemp protein is a quality source of arginine, histidine, methionine and cysteine and also contains all the branched-chain amino acids crucial for repair and growth of lean body mass. Furthermore, almost two-thirds of hemp protein is comprised of edestin, a protein found only in hemp and the form of protein most similar to that of the human body. Hemp protein is also very easily digested and assimilated, making it one of the finest sources of protein in the plant kingdom.

Other great commonly available plant-based protein powders include yellow pea, brown rice and soy. Though soy protein has been a staple in my diet for years, I have recently reduced my consumption of it because I am concerned about developing food sensitivities and/or allergies. Too much of a good thing can be detrimental to overall health and my feeling is that soy is becoming overly pervasive in vegan and vegetarian diets. There are so many good alternatives such as hemp, pea, rice and flax that I feel I dont need to rely on just soy protein powder anymore.

When I am on the run and dont have time to prepare a meal, I take a complete plant-based whole food meal replacement called Vega. Formulated by Brendan Brazier, a professional Ironman triathlete and fellow vegan, Vega is a quick and easy way for me to get quality nutrition. It contains many of my favorite foods, including hemp, pea, flax, rice, chlorella and maca and I especially like the fact that it contains five sources of quality protein, ensuring a balanced array of essential amino acids. I also snack on Vega raw energy bars before and after workouts for an extra boost.

Keep in mind that a high protein diet can be taxing on the liver and kidneys so it is important to drink a lot of water (I personally drink over a gallon a day) to help the bodys organs process the large amounts of protein. The great thing about plant protein is that it is much easier to digest and assimilate than animal protein, making the bodys job easier and providing a greater nutritional yield. I also recommend eating smaller meals more frequently to ensure your muscles will always be fueled and nourished, providing the best opportunity for recovery, growth and achieving your desired results.

As a vegan bodybuilder, I want to show others that it is possible to gain significant muscle and strength on a vegan diet and I want to inspire others to follow this lifestyle. I love being vegan and knowing that I am having a positive impact on our society. I believe that a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for your health, and the well-being of our environment.

Robert Cheeke is a competitive bodybuilder and the 2005 INBA Northwestern USA Natural Bodybuilding Overall Novice Champion. He is also President and founder of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, an organization dedicated to supporting natural vegan bodybuilders an

You need protein, it’s the building blocks of life and it shouldn’t be hard to find. Life is not a spectacle of feast, it is the lessons this life has planted.

Stand for what you believe in.

I am vegetarian, I am vegan, I want organic certified, no gluten thanks and I don’t need to think about what other allergens are inside.

This offers consistency in my inconsistent lifestyle.

I’m trying to find a flaw in an argument I never made. I believe in a performance lifestyle as I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. Why so many allergies? Why now. I want to minimise the impact of life and participate.

The modern diet it seems is not very good for us. Eat food, enjoy food but not too much, mostly plants.

We eat with our eyes first, don’t we? God made food attractive so we would choose to eat what’s good for us. As you walk into the produce section of your grocery store, you can’t help but notice the beautiful colors of the vegetables and fruits. It’s like a painter’s palette with its rich display of color. Green, red, yellow, purple and orange, with some of those variegated together. It’s a pretty fresh looking sight, but did you know that the colors of your acid/alkaline vegetables and fruits are important to your health. Let’s learn how you can benefit from adding color to your diet.

Add Color and Balance to Your Alkaline Diet

Being pH balanced, alkalinity versus acidity, living an alkaline diet lifestyle is nothing new. During the early 1930s, Swedish chemist, nutritionist Dr. Ragnar Berg intensely studied the relationship between the acid-alkaline ratio in the diet and effects on health. According to Dr. Berg, the body needs to maintain a slightly alkaline level of 7.35 – 7.45 pH for fighting diseases and maintaining optimal health.

So why aren’t we all living the health alkaline lifestyle today? The answer probably is convenience. Our high stress fast paced way of living demands fast foods on-the-go to go along with it. Because we have to make a lot of money now to pay our bills we don’t take the time to eat healthy. We sacrifice our health for convenience.

A wise doctor once said, “Disease is complicated, health is not.”

Treating disease can be very costly accompanied by horrible side effects of the medications. Preventing disease is much more affordable and has no side effects. Becoming healthy by eating healthy is much easier to achieve, it’s something we all can do if we choose to.

Dr. Ragnar Berg’s Health Alkaline Lifestyle

Dr. Ragnar Berg suggests that people should be consuming give or take 80 percent of alkaline forming foods and 20 percent of acid forming foods each meal. Why is this delicate alkaline balance so important? Dr. Berg’s research proved that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. He was the first scientist to discover the importance of the acid-base balance.

Again, our body’s system is always regulating and adjusting itself to keep our blood plasma at a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. We can assist our temples, however, by choosing to add alkaline forming foods to our diet.

The pH balance refers to how alkaline or acidic our body is, particularly saliva, blood and tissues. Every function performed by any organ in the body depends on that range of pH level.

The big question is, which foods should you eat?  To start your health alkaline lifestyle, download this wonderful acid vs alkaline food chart that lists which foods are acid-forming and which are alkaline-forming after digestion and assimilation. The list is very detailed, even down to spices and minerals.

What Makes Food Alkaline or Acidic?

Remember that a food’s acidity or alkalizing ability in the body is not tied to the actual pH of the food itself. A food is considered to be acidic or alkalizing based on the effect on our system after it has been processed in our bodies. One common example is that highly acidic lemon juice actually has an alkalizing effect in the body.

Annemarie Colbin, PhD, author of “Food and Healing,” gives a wonderful overview of the acid-base balance and health risks that may result from eating a highly acidic diet.

“There are a number of diseases that may be aggravated by a pH imbalance in the blood,” says Colbin. She includes heart problems, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.

“What I found first was that the protein foods (meats, fish, beans) as well as the carbohydrates (flour, grains, sugar) all create an acid condition by leaving carbonic acid, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid,” says Colbin. “Fruits and vegetables, as well as salt, all leave behind minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and sodium, which buffer the acids and are thereby alkalizing.”

So the more alkalizing foods one eats, the more alkaline or pH-balanced the body will become. But try to stick to the 80/20 rule in your alkaline diet to maintain the delicate alkaline balance in your body for an easy healthy alkaline lifestyle.

Colors in fruit or vegetables have unique health properties that are essential when it comes to your health and wellness. For example, blue and purple fruits or vegetables (like blueberries and eggplant) contain natural pigments called anthocyanidin. Anthocyanidin acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect your body from free-radical damage.

An anthocyanidin is a sugarless plant pigment, usually red or blue or variations on those colors, that has antioxidant, antiplatelet, and wound-healing properties. Anthocyanidins are a type of flavonoid, a potent substance with antioxidant activity, which may help fight heart disease and cancer.

Red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, beets, apples, red peppers, radishes and more get their color from something called “lycopene.” Lycopene is an antioxidant compound and has been considered a potential agent for prevention of some types of cancers.

According to the American Cancer Society, “Studies suggest that diets rich in tomatoes may account for this reduction in risk. Evidence is strongest for lycopene’s protective effect against cancer of the lung, stomach, and prostate. It may also help to protect against cancer of the cervix, breast, mouth, pancreas, esophagus, and colon and rectum.”

Orange and yellow foods such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, pineapple, tangerines, etc. are usually colored by pigments calls carotenoids. There are many members in the carotenoid family – some of them are known as “pro-vitamin A” compounds because your body can convert them into Vitamin A. The most common pro-vitamin A compound found in fruit and vegetables is beta-carotene. These carotenoids not only give your immune system a boost, but will provide a source of anti-oxidants and help promote proper cell communication.

Green foods like kale, spinach, zucchini, and asparagus are rich in what’s known as chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps fight off infection in the body, helps heal wounds, and works to keep the immune system strong! It can also promote digestive and circulatory health as well as promote an acidic/alkaline pH balance in your body.

In the October, 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Australian researchers report the outcome of a study which suggests site-specific protective effects of various fruits and vegetables against the risk of colorectal cancer. The finding may help explain inconsistent results from other studies which sought to examine the effects of plant foods against the cancer disease.

Lin Fritschi, PhD and colleagues at the University of Western Australia compared 918 colorectal cancer patients to 1,021 controls who had no history of the disease. Questionnaires completed by the participants were analyzed for the frequency of consumption of 38 different vegetables and fruits.

Total Fruit and Colon Cancer


Total fruit, vegetable, or fruit and vegetable intake were not associated with the risk of proximal colon cancer or rectal cancer, however, the researchers found a protective effect for increased intake of brassica vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, against cancer of the proximal colon. Total fruit and vegetable intake, total vegetable intake, and the consumption of dark yellow vegetables and apples were associated with a reduction in distal colon cancer risk. While apple consumption was protective against rectal cancer, consuming a high amount of fruit juice was associated with a greater risk of the disease.

The authors note that “Fruit juice may have similar composition to fruit with respect to a range of phytochemicals, but it is low in fiber and some fruit juices contain added sugar. In addition, there is some evidence to suggest that foods containing high amounts of sugars may increase risk of colorectal cancer, and animal studies have shown that glucose and fructose are associated with increased colonic proliferation and aberrant crypt foci.”

“Fruits and vegetables have been examined extensively in nutritional research in relation to colorectal cancer, however, their protective effect has been subject to debate, possibly because of different effects on different subsites of the large bowel,” noted Professor Fritschi, who is the head of the Epidemiology Group at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research.

She continued, “It may be that some of the confusion about the relationship between diet and cancer risk is due to the fact that previous studies did not take site of the colorectal cancer into account. The replication of these findings in large prospective studies may help determine whether a higher intake of vegetables is a means for reducing the risk of distal colorectal cancer.”

Fruit and vegetable intake in the United States remains below recommended levels despite evidence of the health benefits of regular consumption.

here are three categories of amino acids: essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids and conditional amino acids.

Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, and are only supplied by the foods we eat.

Non-essential amino acids are made by the body from essential amino acids or in the normal breakdown of proteins.

Conditional amino acids are usually not essential, except in times of illness, stress or for someone challenged with a lifelong medical condition.

Amino acids are found in animal sources such as meats, milk, fish and eggs, as well as in plant sources such as whole grains, pulses, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds. Vegans and vegetarians gets plenty of essential amino acids by eating a variety of plant proteins. Some green leafy plants like Kale and Watercress are powerful alkaline foods that provide healthy alkalizing protein.

Animal Protein or Plant Protein?

(Phyto)Plant-based foods are free from cholesterol, high in fiber, and alkalize the body. however animal proteins lack enough fiber, and are acid-forming in the body. Acidity depletes vital minerals like calcium from your bones, and decreases oxygen levels in the blood. furthermore animal proteins negatively affect the digestive/lymphatic system

Proteins, specifically plant proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. Next to water, protein is the most abundant molecule in the body. Protein is found in every cell, tissues, and organs of the body and is therefore the body’s major structural component. Proteins are constantly being broken down and replaced to replenish the body. The protein in the foods we eat is digested into amino acids that are later used to replace broken down proteins in our bodies.

Acid reflux can be an excruciating condition. When the acid comes up it hurts and it can make the sufferer choke!

What causes heartburn or acid reflux?

Your stomach produces hydrochloric acid that digests food in your tummy. Of course, at the same time, your pancreas produces alkaline digestive juices to buffer the acidic contents of the stomach. If they wouldn’t, your intestines would get burnt by the acid!

If that delicate balance is disturbed you could suffer from gastric over acidity. If it continues like this, your digestive system will get oversensitive to acidic foods giving you digestive distress or heartburn after you eat highly acidic foods like pizza, steak, or drink beer.

If you’re sensitive to acid then taking antacids may seem like a practical and an easy solution. However, you should make sure that no serious underlying condition is masking behind your gastric problems. At times, serious diseases like peptic ulcer, and even cancer are the cause of the problem.

That’s why if you have been suffering from symptoms of heartburn for quite some time, you should have your symptoms checked out by a medical professional to rule out a more serious condition.

Symptoms of heartburn and indigestion could also be caused by your stomach’s inability to produce sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid. At other times, you could have a weak pancreatic function. If that’s the case for you, you might find that Swedish bitters or ginger tea could actually make you feel better. Many people with food allergies and food intolerance find Swedish bitters of great benefit.

Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid

In most cases heartburn is caused by the over-production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Acid-forming foods are usually to blame. Foods like red meat, dairy products, sweets, and sodas that puts enormous load on your stomach, pancreas, liver, and body. It makes sense to avoid those acid forming foods.

Acid foods must be buffered when eaten to neutralize their low pH. If you’re young, your body is fit and healthy then your body can tolerate acid-forming foods more readily. But, as we get older our body gets weaker and less efficient at removing acids out of the system.

Are food allergies causing your gastric problems?

Keep in mind that if you’re allergic to certain foods, they will cause over acidity. For example, if you’re allergic to milk products, wheat, soy, peanuts, and eggs then consuming these foods may cause gastric problems. If you suspect that certain foods are not stomach friendly for you, avoid eating them for a week and see how that makes you feel.

Getting heartburn, acid reflux, achy joints and muscles, feeling tired, catching the cold and flu often are only some of the warning signs you should not ignore.Over time, chronic damage to cells or tissues can contribute to inflammation,over acidity and disease.

That’s why, for good overall health, we recommend that you alkalize your body. The standard American diet is loaded with acid-forming foods – from beef and pork to pizza, coffee to alcohol, and sweets in between. That’s a perfect recipe for heartburn and acid reflux

Better health is all about balance, and pH balance is what the health alkaline diet lifestyle is all about.

There are four simple yet highly effective ways to help you get maximum benefit from following the alkaline diet lifestyle. Stick with these are rules if you want to enjoy good health and robust vitality.

Those who live the alkaline diet lifestyle experience the following amazing health benefits, and you can too:

  • Less stress.
  • More energy.
  • Improved personal productivity.
  • A stronger immune system.
  • A slowing of the ageing process.
  • A better sex life.
  • Less and even NO allergies.
  • Weight loss and easier weight management.
  • Increased mental focus and concentration.

Following the alkaline diet lifestyle helps you lead a more rewarding and vibrant life. It makes sense to alkalize and energize your body and now it’s easier than ever with these simple and effective rules:

Alkaline Diet Rule #1: Eat More Water-rich Green Vegetables.

Fresh vegetables are an excellent source of alkaline salts and minerals that help your body regulate its pH level and push acid waste and toxins out of the system.

Go for fresh, organic, water-rich vegetables like asparagus, bok choy, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, green cabbage, peas and tomatoes.

Don’t overcook your veggies. Eat them raw, lightly cooked or steamed. Go easy on sauces. Season your veggies with fresh or dried herbs and a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.

Alkaline Diet Rule #2: Eat Less Animal Fat and Protein.

To become a vegan or vegetarian is your decision. But what you need to know about eating animal proteins is that they are acidic foods and acid forming in the body, they are hard to digest, put a burden on your organs, and clog your arteries and system.

Many still don’t realize you can obtain your body’s basic protein needs from a meatless diet. That’s why the alkaline diet we recommend is rich in asparagus, broccoli, spinach, peas, beans, nuts, and seeds and other protein-rich healthy foods. They are bio-available alkaline foods, that means they are easy to digest and absorb by your body.

Alkaline Diet Rule #3: Supplement Your Diet With Green Super foods.

Supplement your diet with green super foods such as Alfalfa leaf, Wheat Grass and Barley Grass. They are some of the lowest-calorie, lowest-sugar, and most nutrient-rich bio-available alkaline foods one can get.

They are also called “super foods” because of their high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and co-factors and other goodies.

Alkaline Diet Rule #4: Drink Ionized Alkaline Water.

Alkaline water is energized water infused with antioxidant power. It’s created with a water ionizer that filters and electrolyzes your tap water.

Alkaline water is also micro-clustered water, which means the water molecules are smaller. This enables cellular hydration, every cell in your body will receive better hydration to make you healthier.

Acid – the root cause of all health problems. Many doctors and researchers agree that acid is at the primary suspect behind all health complications, infections, viruses, and diseases.

It makes sense to avoid acid-forming foods and eat more of alkaline-forming foods. Yet, some people have to have their acid foods no matter what. They like the taste, the smell, the way it makes them feel. That’s why we recommend the 80/20 rule. 80 percent alkaline-rich foods and 20 percent acid-forming foods.

There are some foods you should have in moderation, especially if you’re an overly-acidic person. Funny thing is that some of these foods are considered healthy and good for you. Let’s check out the first one…

1. Red wine

It’s good for the heart, right?

You’ve probably heard the benefits of red wine. Many claims suggest that it’s good for your heart, arteries, and what not. Keep in mind that even though red wine goes well with a sumptuous meal, it has an acidic pH. So, drinking wine can cause heartburn, indigestion and other digestive symptoms. Gastric overacidity is definitely not fun! You can still enjoy wine but drink it in moderation.

2. Coffee

Life would be miserable without coffee. At least, that’s what coffee lovers would like to think. A delicious bit of cake goes well with coffee, right? You may argue, nothing beats the aroma of roasted beans. Drinking coffee in moderation should do you no harm. Drinking several cups of coffee per day may have some health effects. For example, it may form excessive gastric acid, cause nervousness and speed up the heartbeat. It could also make you feel anxious, restless and rob you of a good night sleep. So, if you depend on coffee to boost your energy, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

3. Fruit drinks – moderation is the key.

Chuck some fruit into the blender and you get a healthy, delicious, lip-smacking goodness. Are fruit drinks really healthy? Yes. But, like everything else, moderation is the key. You see, many fruits are highly acidic in nature. That’s why The Alkaline Cookbook has special fruit juice recipes that are alkaline. But, if you still want to enjoy a fruit drink you know is acidic, here’s a useful tip for you: To neutralize the acidity of the fruit and increase it’s pH, simply add one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to your drink. How easy was that!

4. Processed Salt

Is salt neutral or is it acidic?

Some argue that salt is neutral, but we believe it acidifies your body. Why is it doctors advise cholesterol or high blood pressure patients to abstain from salt? Table or refined salt is not readily bio-available — absorbable by the body — and, if they’re not absorbed, they float around the body hardening arteries and creating havoc. For a safer alternative, try using Sea salts like Himalayan Sea Salt. They are lower in sodium, higher in natural trace minerals.

5. Salad dressings

You can’t have your salad without the dressing? Keep in mind that salad dressings can be very acidic. A typical dressing contains both fat and acid.

Fat: The fat used in salad dressings is usually aplenty. Dairy product or egg yolk may also be used in some dressings, defiantly not recommended if you’re allergic to lactose, casein or egg!

Acid: The acids used to make salad dressings are usually come from vinegar or citrus juice. Vinegar contains acetic acid. Vinegars have an extremely low pH of 2.4 to 3.5. To be safe, keep salad dressings down to minimum – especially bottled ones you buy at the supermarket.

Choose the alkalizing Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar instead to make healthy salad dressings. Or make your own salad dressings from Extra Virgin Olive Oil and your choice of fresh squeezed organic fruit juice.

Acid is not your friend.

Just 20 percent of your diet should consists of acid-forming foods.

Over acidity, also known as acidosis, is a dangerous condition that shuts your body down cell-by-cell. An over-acidic body creates an environment conducive to disease, viruses and infections. A pH-balanced environment allows normal body function necessary for the body to resist disease. For optimal health we should have slightly alkaline, oxygen-rich arterial blood of 7.3 to 7.4 pH (7.0 pH is neutral).

When excess acid must be neutralized, your body’s pH balance is thrown off balance, leaving your body in a weak and vulnerable condition. If that’s that case with you, a simple thing like your colleague/friend’s cough or sneeze is enough to make you bedridden for days or more.

It makes absolute sense to assist your body in eliminating wastes and toxins by eating liberal amounts of alkaline-rich foods. The Alkaline Cookbook shows you how to do that – using simple-to-follow recipes that taste delicious

There are many acidic foods that may erode your alkaline health one meal at a time. A proven way to counter yourself and your family from the side effects of acidic foods is to follow the 80/20 rule of the alkaline diet. Simply put, for every 20 percent of acid-forming foods you consume you should add 80 percent of alkalizing foods to your diet. That way you’ll keep your Ph levels and body happy.

(Note: Not all acidic foods are acid-forming in your body. The lemon, for example, is an acidic fruit. However, when consumed it is alkaline forming in your body, because it is loaded with calcium, magnesium and potassium.)

Supplement your diet with alkaline minerals.

There are certain alkaline minerals that help restore Ph balance in your body–and they’re easy to get.

The main alkalizing minerals are calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These minerals complement each other in your body. For example, calcium is needed to contract a muscle and magnesium is needed to relax it. So, you need both.

Calcium and Magnesium

Without calcium our brain, muscles, and nerves would not work properly.

The best source of calcium in food is green leafy vegetables. Some fresh vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, and spinach, contain calcium. So do almonds, sesame seeds, and soft-boned fish, like sardines and salmon.

The body requires magnesium to maintain energy and vitality. When magnesium is deficient in the body, the body forms lactic acid. Low levels of magnesium are associated with migraine headaches, nervousness, insomnia, and heart palpitations. So, make sure you get adequate amounts of magnesium.

Eat Potassium-rich Foods

What about potassium? Potassium is essential for muscular activity, particularly so for that tireless muscle, the heart.

If you do not get enough potassium, you may suffer from weakness of muscles, poor reflexes, back pain, headaches, constipation or sleeplessness. You may also find yourself subject to apathy, listlessness, depression or mental confusion. Extreme lack of potassium can increase the risk of a heart attack.

What’s more, at a cellular level your cells maintain a balance of potassium inside and sodium outside, but this pumping of potassium and sodium requires magnesium.

The calcium concentration in cells is controlled by sodium. You see all four of these minerals work together in the body. Most importantly, these minerals are critical in keeping your body, organs and tissue Ph balanced.

Problems arise in the body when one or more of the minerals are deficient or when the minerals are out of balance with each other.

Things like stress, age, pollution, diet and many other factors deplete your body of these critical minerals and make your body less efficient at removing waste and acid deposits from your blood, tissues and organs. And so your body becomes dangerously acidic!


STEP 1 – you should supplement your diet with these critical minerals to restore Ph balance to your body.

STEP 2 – you must eat more alkalizing foods to help your body eliminate waste effectively and resort its critical Ph balance.

STEP 3 – Drink ionized alkaline water that has these minerals in them.

It makes absolute sense to assist your body in eliminating wastes and toxins by eating liberal amounts of alkaline-rich foods. The Alkaline Cookbook provides a simple alkaline diet eating plan to help your cleanse and nourish your body, mind and soul using alkalizing foods. You see, your body will thrive on alkalizing foods! As a result, you will have more energy, increased stamina, less stress in your life and your body will be better equipped to ward off disease, viruses and infections.

Are you frustrated with your weight? People try strict diet plans, starvation diets to lose weight fast and even punishing exercise routines without ever getting the results they dream about.

The truth is that shedding pounds is easy.

If you feel uneasy, uncomfortable and even embarrassed being seen in a bathing suit then chances are that dropping extra pounds this summer would make a huge difference in your life.

Why don’t people move closer to their ideal weight by getting the body that would make them proud? A lack of determination because of blame. People blame things like a lack of time, money, motivation and will-power for their failure to look after their health and lose weight.

Here are 5 powerful insights that hopefully should help you lose weight fast and get you to your ideal weight automatically. Would you like that?

5 Ways That Could Help You Lose Weight Fast Without Extreme Diets

Some people worry about what they can and cannot eat, what they should and shouldn’t cook, whether they should have breakfast or skip it. Research indicates that your ‘weight worries’ will never end until you understand what makes permanent weight loss possible and achievable.

#1: Avoid the Unrealistic Goals of Perfection.

Let’s face it, you will make mistakes. You don’t live in a perfect world and you can’t eat perfect all the time. You are always going to be either too busy, too tired, too distracted or too ‘whatever’ to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Those who aim at perfection fail miserably, they crash and burn never achieving their ideal weight. That’s why we recommend the 80/20 alkaline diet and water-rich alkalizing foods that fine tune and reset ‘fat genes’ in your body!

#2: Draw Up a Realistic Weight loss Plan.

It’s been said before those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You’re constantly on the go, your life is busy and you don’t always have access to good food choices. That’s why you need to plan in advance. For 5 minutes, each night, think about where you will be and what you will do the next day. Perhaps it makes sense to prepare your meals the night before. Don’t leave this to chance. The Alkaline Cookbook gives you a simple to follow step-by-step ‘strategy’ to help you plan your meals and munchies in advance. It helps you make smart eating choices on any budget without having “master chef” experience!

#3: Prepare Your Weight loss Vision.

You can’t move forward until you first know where you are. What is your diet like today? Do you starve yourself in the morning thinking that makes you lose weight faster? Do you eat on the run or miss meals during the day in preparation for a night-time pig out? Do you eat enough healthy foods throughout the day?

There is only one (accurate) way to find out – you need to start a DIET JOURNAL. Keeping a diet journal will help you understand what your diet is really like. All facts – no guesswork. Try it for the next week! Simply record the foods you eat and at what times you eat them. That will open your eyes to what you must stop eating and what you should start eating more of. Easy. Give it a try!

#4: Avoid Acid-Forming Foods.

Some foods really slow your body’s metabolism down, they include: trans fats, saturated fats, simple sugars, highly processed foods and refined carbohydrates, these foods are acid-forming and clog, pollute and slow your body down. They hamper your body’s calories burning power and toxins removing abilities. Acid stops the growth and proper development of your body, organs, tissues, and cells. First, it pollutes your system. Then, it stops oxygen and nutrients from reaching your cells, organs and tissue. For fast and healthy weight loss aim for alkalizing foods that cleanse, detoxify and energize your body.

#5: Get off the 50/50 diet.

Following the 50/50 diet you’ll never achieve your healthy weight loss, well-being and fitness goals Instead, you will end up jumping from one diet plan on to the next without getting the fast weight loss results you want.

What’s a 50/50 diet? It’s simply eating good foods 50 percent of the time and eating bad foods the rest of the time. You can blame your lacks of time, will-power and money for your inability to make smart eating choices but the truth is that you probably don’t have a PLAN that makes healthy eating simple, easy, affordable and fun.

Losing weight fast doesn’t have to be frustrating if you follow these 5 ways to help you lose weight fast. Stop counting calories and simply start making smart eating choices!

We can offer you with the following healthy eating option to help you make smart eating choices more often:found this helpful interview Pat Robertson did with Jillian Michaels on the 700 Club. Jillian is one of the nation’s toughest fitness gurus. A while back she wrote a bestselling book on weight loss, “Winning by Losing.” Here’s what she had to say about weight loss and fitness.

Pat: You coached your team on the Biggest Loser, I saw those fat people, there’s no way they’ll lose that much weight and together they lost 450 pounds.

Jillian: Yeah, but that was actually season one. On season two they lost even more. And Pete, who you recently had on your show lost a 185 pounds in 7 months.

Pat: What did you do? You know, when I see someone like that overweight I say, heart attack in the making. How do you keep them from falling over dead.

Jillian: Well truthfully, when they come to the show they are screened by a doctor, so they are given EKG’s and stress tests before I get my little paws on them, (laughter) for that very reason.

Pat: You are brutal. What are some of the weight loss tips. What do you do them to get them in that kind of shape

As you grow older staying hydrated becomes more critical for your health and longevity. Today many baby boomers are concerned about their health care and anti aging weight loss. This article is to provide baby boomers information about the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water and how it can help age healthy and lose weight.

Drinking water is important, however, today’s drinking water has been treated with so many chemicals and recycled so many times that it has been rendered a lifeless and tasteless liquid. Chemically, it is still H2O but much of the good has been lost during the process and, unfortunately, many toxic things have been added as well. Alkaline, ionized water gives you an alternative. But what can you and, baby boomers especially, expect from drinking it and what are the benefits? Let’s look at the top 3 benefits of alkaline water baby boomers of all ages should know.

1. Alkaline Ionized Water Restores Body pH Balance

A balanced body pH is vital to the body to fight off diseases like cancer and other diseases connected to aging. Most diseases are the result of too much acid stored in the body because of stress or a bad diet. Alkaline water can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution and many bottled waters. A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids. Let’s explain.

2. Alkaline Ionized Water Helps in Weight Loss

Research by Dr. Robert O. Young, author of “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss,” shows that the epidemic of obesity in the industrialized world is result of acidity in the body.

The body creates fat cells to trap and neutralize acids in the system.

The modern diets of meat, grains and beverages, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol is extremely acidic, they affect you negatively more so when you get older. Although some acids are removed through urination, defecation and perspiration, many acids remain in the system because of over-acidity. It is the excess acids in the body that break down healthy tissue, so the body protects itself by creating a natural buffer of fat. Fat cells bind to acids in the body. Some fat cells are eliminated from the system, but many remain stored in the body, resulting in weight gain.

Traditional weight loss methods are doomed to fail without proper hydration and nutrition.

Acidity and Weight Loss Facts:

  • Reducing portion size of meals only minimally decreases acid intake.
  • Reducing calories will not decrease the acidity of the body—and may increase it if large amounts of acidic beverages are included.
  • Reducing fats in the diet will not reduce the acidity of the body or result in weight loss.
  • Increasing the intake of meat will increase the acidity in the body. Meat is an acid-forming food in the body.
  • Exercise increases the production of acids, such as lactic acid. Many acids are released through perspiration, but some are retained by the system, causing pain in muscles.

Drinking alkaline water releases fats and creates weight loss.

Alkaline water can reduce the body’s acidity and stop fat storage.  The micro-clusters of alkaline ionized water help flush acid and toxins out of your body system that the fat cells store. Once fat cells are no longer needed, your body will eliminate them—the fat and pounds melts away.

A healthy body causes weight loss, not the other way around.

A healthy, non-acidic body will return to its natural, ideal weight. Freed of toxins, the body’s cells, tissues and organs achieve a healthier state. A detoxified, non-acidic body has more energy, vitality and longevity.

“Your body can-and will-let go of the excess fat,” writes Dr. Young. “If your food and drink are alkaline (meaning, in basic chemistry, the opposite of acid), all that acid-binding fat will just melt right off. There will be no need for the body to hold on to it anymore.” (The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, p 15.)

3. Anti-Aging: Alkaline, Ionized Water Helps Slow Aging

Alkaline water is negatively charged and an “antioxidant.” Antioxidants reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals.

Getting older and aging is not the same thing. Getting older relates to the passage of time, while aging relates to the breakdown of tissues in the body.

The not-so-pleasant outward signs of aging include wrinkles, sagging skin and weight gain. Getting older by itself does not cause aging.  Aging is the result of damage to body tissues by organic acids and by active oxygen (free radicals).

Facts about aging baby boomers should know:

  • Organic acids in the body break down tissues, causing aging and age-related diseases.
  • Common waste products in the body include acetic acid, carbonic acid, fatty acids, lactic acid and uric acid.
  • Active oxygen (free radicals) causes oxidative damage to molecules within cells of the body.
  • Free radicals are associated with a numerous diseases, including arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Drinking alkaline ionized water can help neutralize these acids and scavenge free radicals in the body.

Alkaline ionized water causes the stomach to produce bicarbonates, which are absorbed into the blood stream and can neutralize acids.

One proven scavenger for active oxygen and property in alkaline water, is active hydrogen. (The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, p 15.) Active hydrogen is produced in water through electrolysis, the process used to ionize drinking water.

Author of “Aging and Reverse Aging,” Sang Whang writes, “As we start to lose bicarbonates in our blood, around age 45, we begin to age physiologically,” … “All we have to do to stop aging and maintain good health is to recharge bicarbonates to the blood.”

As stated at the beginning of this information, drinking water is important especially for baby boomers. But drinking tap water, filtered water, bottled water and even purified water cannot benefit you like alkaline ionized water can.

If you are concerned about healthy aging and trying to lose weight by eating nutritious alkaline foods, adding alkaline ionized water to your lifestyle will benefit you in reversing the aging process and help you age beautifully and healthy.

Discover The Difference Alkaline Water Can Make In Your Life

Foods, healthy foods that is, were created by God to nourish, replenish and to energize you, not make you feel tired and sleepy after eating. It’s true that eating certain kinds of unhealthy foods that are full of carbohydrates and sugars can zap you of your strength and energy (I’ll explain how later). Unless you’re an athlete they make you fatigue after eating them.

If you feel tired after eating lunch or dinner something’s wrong, either with the foods you are eating or your body. It may be because you consume unhealthy foods that stress out a major part of your body, the pancreas…

The Pancreas’ Function

The pancreas, which is located in the abdomen, tucked behind the stomach, plays two vital roles; it is an organ of the digestive system and of the endocrine (hormonal) system. Once food has been mulched and partially digested by the stomach, it is pushed into the duodenum (first part of the small intestine). The pancreas adds its own digestive juices and enzymes to the food, via a small duct attached to the duodenum. This process is said to belong to the exocrine pancreas. The pancreas also produces the hormone insulin, which helps to control the amount of sugar in the blood. This is the role of the endocrine pancreas.

In short, the pancreas are very important for your health and well-being. The pancreatic enzymes they produce help your body digest, absorb and assimilate different healthy foods you eat. Pancreatic enzymes are quite mighty as they are capable of breaking down all types of foods containing fat, protein and carbohydrates.

These enzymes are also essential for your body to reduce inflammation caused by trauma, injury, allergens, toxins and infections.

A bad thing is that as we age the production of digestive enzymes diminishes. Not only does that affect the body’s digestive functions but also its ability to suppress inflammation and control disease and infections. This makes keeping your pancreas healthy very important.

Feeling Tired After Eating Unhealthy Foods

So what makes you feel tired after eating? As stated above, feeling tired after eating usually occurs when you consume foods that contain large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. Excess sugar in your body will spike your blood sugar level and will force the pancreas to work harder to produce more insulin, releasing it into the blood stream. Because of this excess secretion of insulin, levels of tryptophan increase into the brain. When this occurs, some amino acids that compete with tryptophan leave the blood stream and enter muscle cells. This causes an increase in the relative concentration of tryptophan in the bloodstream. Tryptophan is metabolized into serotonin and melatonin, the neurotransmitters that make you feel tired, drowsy and sleepy.

To beat that “feeling tired” feeling and stay refreshed and energized throughout your day you should be eating healthy foods. But first, what you should not eat.

7 Not-So healthy Foods That Stress Your Pancreas’ Function

It makes sense to take good care of this vital organ if you want to lead a healthy life at any age. Let’s list seven bad foods that could leave you tired and burden your pancreas. You should eat less of these foods or eliminate from your diet altogether. These not-so-healthy foods include:

The Human Body is Slightly Alkaline. Our cells, organs and tissues must maintain a state of slight alkalinity for our very survival. The blood that circulates throughout the body must maintain a range of slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45.

Certain substances and foods can potentially disrupt the healthy pH of the blood lowering it to unhealthy levels. A slightly acidic blood with a pH of 6.95 can lead to coma or death.

That’s why it’s necessary to assist your body with its complex pH regulating system. An alkaline diet is a special diet that helps you achieve that outcome.

Acid-ash and Alkaline-ash Foods

As food is digested, absorbed and metabolized, foods release either acid or alkaline compounds into the blood.

Acid-ash foods are foods that leave high concentrations of chloride, phosphorus, or sulphur in their ash – they are all used to make acids in your body. Alkaline-ash foods are foods that leave high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, and potassium in their ash.

While our bodies can easily handle an occasional acid load, long-term acid build-up can exhaust our available alkalizing reserves and lower your body’s critical pH to dangerously low levels.

The Alkaline Diet – pH ‘friendly’ Diet

Modern diets are largely acid forming. Most people gamble with their health by overeating on low-mineral, high-fat and high-sugar processed and refined foods. Such diet is highly acidic in nature and is the primary cause for a string of diseases. That’s why many health experts recommend an 80/20 mix of alkaline and acid foods to keep the pH level in check.

How Our Alkaline Cook Book Gets You Started

Our fast-paced, caffeine and sugar powered lifestyles have overburdened our bodies with an excessive acid load, throwing the acid-alkaline equilibrium way out of balance and making our bodies prone to disease, sickness, low energy, stress and infections.

By eating rich alkaline foods and meals you’re building strong defences against diseases, allergies, immune dysfunctions, infections and other nasties. Your energy will improve, your levels of mental concentration will get sharper, your hair will get more luster and shine, your skin will get clearer, your sex drive will be heightened like never before, you will turn into a more confident and positive person, you’ll love your toned body and enjoy life on a brand new level… all that and more while enjoying what you eat!

Our tree trimming service guy just shared with us the adversity he and his wife are facing. In a terrible economy where his customers are not honoring their contract for work he did for them, his wife is in the hospital recuperating from a liver transplant. You can imagine how stressful their life is right now. She needed a liver transplant due to her Crohn’s disease. The medication to treat the Crohn’s disease poisoned her liver. See, what happened is that these prescribed medical drugs for Crohn’s disease have many side-effects. She needed more medicine just to treat side-effects of those prescription drugs. As a result it killed her liver.

After suggesting immediately changing her diet with alkaline foods, we prayed for him and healing for his wife in Jesus’ name.

What is Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation of the lining of your digestive system, which can lead to flare-ups. For the more than half a million American men and women who have been diagnosed with Crohn’s, inflammation is at the root of their symptoms. The causes of Crohn’s disease are unknown.

Alkaline Food Diet for Crohn’s Disease

There’s no evidence that what you eat actually causes Crohn’s. But some foods and beverages can aggravate Crohn’s symptoms. When Crohn’s disease is active, certain foods may cause more discomfort than others.

Here are a few tips that could help:

  • Limit dairy products
  • Try alkaline forming foods
  • Experiment with fiber
  • Avoid acid forming foods
  • Consider taking multivitamins or alkaline supplements.
  • Avoid “gassy” foods
  • Eat smaller meals
  • Drink plenty of liquids, green juices and ionized alkaline water.

Poor absorption and loss of appetite often associated with Crohn’s disease may deprive your body of essential nutrients. If you’re not getting proper nutrition or not absorbing nutrients, you are not giving your immune system the balance it needs to fight of Crohn’s inflammation.

This is why an alkaline diet is so essential.

Inflammation in the Colon is an immune system and over-acidity problem so reduce acid foods dramatically and consume high alkaline foods. To know if your body is too acidic (Do a pH Test), then increase your intake of alkaline food.

The ideal acid-alkaline ratio in the alkaline diet for optimal health and balance is about 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods, according to Dr. Ragnar Berg.

Tip: If you are suffering from Crohns consume plenty of Organic Fig juice, green juices of all green vegetables and tops, carrots, beet, celery, pineapple and citrus juices.

A few suggestions to start with:
(Tables of alkaline acid foods with an approximate potential acidity or alkalinity, per one ounce of food)

Research reveals the low acid high alkaline diet to be healthy in fighting Osteoporosis. It may prevent or delay chronic health conditions that rob far too many people of a wholesome healthy aging.

With more than 40 million Americans at increased risk for bone fracture, it’s good to know that osteoporosis is a preventable and treatable disease.

Low-acid eating, a diet laden with high alkaline fruits and vegetables but relatively low in acid-producing protein and moderate in cereal grains can help fight osteoporosis. A Low-acid, high alkaline diet plan could lead to stronger bones than the typical American diet rich in dairy products and animal protein, often enhanced by calcium supplements.

Understanding Your Bones

Our Bones are not indestructable. They are continually being broken down and rebuilt, and when breakdown exceeds buildup, they get progressively weaker. Vital to the solid framework of the body, bones play an equally important metabolic role hidden from casual observation.

Bones are the storage tank for calcium compounds that regulate the acid-base balance of the blood, which must be maintained within a very narrow range. When the blood becomes even slightly too acid, alkaline calcium compounds — like calcium carbonate, the acid-neutralizer in Tums — are leached from bones to reduce the acidity.

Studies conducted at the Jean Mayer U.S.D.A. Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, have demonstrated the acid-neutralizing ability of fruits and vegetables and the crucial role they can play in maintaining healthy bones.

According to Carol S. Lutz, Ph.D from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: By the age of 20, the average woman has acquired most of her peak bone mass; therefore, it is important that young girls and college-age women achieve as much bone mass as possible. A person with high bone mass as a young adult will be more likely to maintain bone health throughout life.

Research notes that fruits and vegetables are predominantly metabolized to alkaline bicarbonate, whereas proteins and cereal grains are metabolized to acids. The more protein people consume beyond the body’s true needs, the more acidic their blood can become and the more alkaline compounds are needed to neutralize the acid.

In one study by Dr. Bess Dawson-Hughes and colleagues, published in January 2009 in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 171 healthy men and women age 50 and older were treated with either bicarbonate or no bicarbonate. Those receiving bicarbonate, in an amount equivalent to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily, experienced much lower levels of calcium loss in the urine, as well as a loss of N-telopeptide, the biochemical marker of bone resorption.

Recommendations of nine servings of alkaline fruits and vegetables is shown to lower blood pressure and has been linked to a reduced risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. Now prevention of osteoporosis might be added to the list.

In “Building Bone Vitality,” by Amy Joy Lanou, an assistant professor of health and wellness at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and Michael Castleman, a health writer, say…

“Animal foods, especially cheeses and meats, don’t contain much alkaline material” and hardly enough to “neutralize all the acids they introduce into the bloodstream; the body must draw calcium compounds from bone to restore optimal blood pH,” a measure of acidity. On the other hand, the alkaline material in fruits and vegetables, which are low in protein, can buffer that acidity.

Eat animal protein moderately and Eat more plant-based proteins

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that higher intakes of fruits and vegetables throughout the teen years improve bone density in adulthood. An array of nutrients—vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium—found abundantly in fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods, have been shown to promote bone health.

Vitamin C from citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, are essential for making collagen, the connective tissue that minerals cling to when bone is formed.

Vitamin K is thought to stimulate bone formation. It is found most abundantly in dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, but is also readily available in beans, soy products, and some fruits and vegetables.

Potassium decreases the loss of calcium from the body and increases the rate of bone building. Oranges, bananas, potatoes, and beans are all rich sources of potassium.

Magnesium and calcium, are vital bone minerals. Higher magnesium intakes aids in fighting osteoporosis. Eat your “Beans and greens” — legumes and green leafy vegetables — they are excellent sources of magnesium.

Vitamin D is also needed for strong bones. In a regular american diet, many people get less than half the calcium they need. A healthy diet with enough calcium and vitamin D helps make your bones strong. Plus, get lots of sunshine too.

Are You Tired of Suffering With Gout Pains? Alkaline Ionized Water Will Make You Feel Better Immediately.

You already live with the extreme pain that gout disease causes. You desire to reduce the excessive uric acid that builds up in your blood. This article will show you how alkaline ionized water can aid you in overcoming gout pain and it symptoms the fastest way.

Why Gout Attacks You

Gout attacks when there’s excessive uric acid in your blood that cause urate crystals to form in your joints. And this crystalization in the joints is because of an overtasked kidney function.

After you have eaten, your body goes to work to break down purines, while you do that you produce uric acid within. Purines can be found naturally in your body, and also in foods, like organ meats, anchovies, asparagus, mushrooms and herring.

If your body functions the way it’s supposed to the uric acid dissolves and passes out of your body quickly through your urine via your kidneys. However, if your body is producing too much uric acid, or your kidneys are not flushing them out fast enough, the uric acid just builds up and stores in your body. Then you’re left with sharp urate crystals which look like needles. They begin to develop in your joints and surrounding tissue, causing excruciating pain, inflammation and swelling.

America is probably the most obese nation in the world, which is the reason why there are so many diets on the market, one diet claiming to be healthier than the other. I have done one of them, the MediFast Weight loss Plan and lost 20 pounds in one month with little exercise, it was good and I’m happy I did it. It was also a great jump-start towards the alkaline diet which is a beautiful change of the way you eat. We call the alkaline diet, the health alkaline lifestyle.

Unlike many diets which are grueling, to say the least and are more like starvation diets with hardly any natural organic foods included, the alkaline diet is deliciously nutritious. Plus it’s the only diet that balances your body pH level boosting your immune system. It is the only diet that helps fight off diseases. So besides becoming slim and able to wear those tight jeans again, you are also balanced and healthy.

The alkaline diet is easy to understand, eat more alkaline foods and eat less acidic foods. Simple.

One thing you should educate yourself in is, which foods are alkaline and alkaline-forming and which are acidic and acid-forming. Not all alkaline foods are alkaline-forming and not all acidic foods are acid-forming.

To start here’s a quick alkaline foods list.

The key in the alkaline diet is to follow a diet plan consisting of 60% to 80% more alkaline food and 20% to 40% acidic foods (depending of how acidic you are). This is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Eating alkaline foods can lower the acidity level in your body and can also help you prevent diseases.

The foods that are considered alkaline are in the fruits and vegetables category. Meats, breads and pastas, and sugars are acidic. They are addictive foods, try to reduce your intake of them.

Eating overly acidic foods can lead to chronic health issues, while an alkaline diet helps energize you and boost your immune system. Some of the signs of an overly acid diet can include fatigue, gum and teeth issues, being susceptible to viruses, joint pains, and even premature aging.

One of many benefits of the alkaline diet lifestyle is the promotion of proper cell functioning in the body. If the body cells aren’t functioning properly, they are ineffective at delivering oxygen throughout the body. This can result in overall fatigue and a lack of energy. Body cells need to be able to absorb the nutrients they need for a healthy body and being acidic prevents this. When cells are healthy they are also efficient at eliminating acid-waste out of the body, instead of storing them in fat cells.

So, if body cells are weakened in any way because of a poor diet, they are not nearly as effective at the health functions they are designed to perform. If the body’s pH is too acidic, cells cannot function at their optimal degree at defending against diseases.

The alkaline diet provides the greatest energy, healthy weight loss, reduces joint pain, create enhanced mental clarity, and provide you with more control over addictive behavior of especially sugar. Living the health alkaline lifestyle is easy. Make some minor changes to your lifestyle today, including:

  • Shop for a more variety of vegetable and fruits
  • Shop for Organically grown (non GMO) foods at your local farmers market
  • Reduce the meat intake (You don’t have to go Vegan, unless you want to.)
  • Quit drinking soda and alcohol, completely.
  • Drink fruits juices from organic (non GMO) fruits
  • Drink more ionized alkaline water
  • Be creative! Make your own alkaline recipes.

The Alkaline Diet Lifestyle has already helped thousands of people to lose weight, and be healthier. Check out our alkaline cookbook, which is chock-full of alkaline foods recipes and an expanded alkaline food chart

Foods High in Vitamin D:

Cod liver oil
Shiitake and Button Mushrooms
Fish: Wild Salmon, Wild Tuna, Herring (non-farm raised)
Vitamin D Supplement

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer and been told to “go home and get your affairs in order?” The following is an incredible real testimony from Kristine who was cleared from Stage 4 Melanoma cancer due to the alkaline diet’s high alkaline foods. We hope her survival will encourage you to fight if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

If it wasn’t for rich alkaline foods Kristine would be dead.

In 2005, the 59-year-old mother from “the down under” was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma cancer. Kristine had tumors on her lungs and neck, plus one behind her heart. Doctors told Kristine she had only 12 months to live and sent her home to get her affairs in order.

However, against all odds this former ballroom dancer from Australia’s Gold Coast decided to alkalize her body to give herself a fighting chance for longevity. Her husband had beaten testicular and lymphatic cancer and she was determined to beat Stage 4 Melanoma too.

Kristine stocked her kitchen full of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts, then set aside the doctor’s fearful message of dying.

We’ll let Kristine take it from here, here’s Kristine:

“I had a melanoma taken off my back in 2002. The doctor called me by phone the next day and said he wanted to make sure he had it all removed, so I went back and had what was missed of the melanoma eliminated. This time he said he got everything, but he never warned me I was at risk of Stage 4 Melanoma.”

“Three years later we went through financial difficulties and my Husband’s Gold Coast construction business began to implode, the stress of which, may have triggered the re-emergence of the cancer.”

“I ended up being diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma and was given 12 months to live.”

As she and her husband struggled to come to terms with her death sentence, their business continued to implode. “The pressure of being in the building industry was unbelievable. When we got to 2004-2005, we owed a lot of money.”

“When the oncologist said I only had 12 months, I said to myself that I’m not supposed to die now. I sat back and realized I still had the knowledge of nutrition I had accumulated back in the 1980s when I’d had chronic fatigue, plus there was my husband’s experience with cancer and the healthcare professionals and naturopaths that I’d met.”

Kristine was convinced that unless she changed her lifestyle, she would not survive. Her story is truly miraculous, she refused to give up, and in 3 months she took control of her cancer naturally, with no chemo, no radiation and no surgery. 7 years later, I am alive and kicking and still 100% cancer free!

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and been told by your doctor to get your affairs in order, Kristine story should give you a glimmer of hope. To help others she put the alkaline foods and recipes in book. You may not get the same results she did, but it sure gives you a fighting chance.

From Cancer To Wellness The Forgotten Secrets

Complete Body pH Level Alkaline Kits

What Chiropractors Should Know About Acid-Alkaline Balancing with Alkaline Green Drink Mix

How Chiropractors can help patients to correct their metabolic factors for chronic inflammation and free radical damage caused by acid foods.

Arthur Guyton, MD, in his Textbook of Medical Physiology, dedicates an entire chapter to alkaline balancing, and states that when the body is alkaline it converts free radicals to harmless water and oxygen, which maintain energy and vitality. The acid-alkaline balance relates to the chemistry of the body’s fluids and tissues as measured by pH.

The cells of the body need a slightly alkaline environment to survive. With a blood pH of 7.365 the cells are in homeostasis and they receive nourishment and release waste with ease.

But when you eat, drink, and live an acidic lifestyle, your cells and the inner environment become toxic. Your patient’s diet and lifestyle choices will either help or harm their delicate pH balance and improve or worsen their clinical outcomes.

Free radicals, inflammation, pH-Levels and Acid Foods

Understanding the relationship between chronic muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and saliva pH is critical for improving outcomes. Most chiropractors agree that the majority of injuries presented at their practices are chronic muscle and joint pain problems.

These problems may be secondary to acute or repetitive stress, but typically they develop from improperly managed inflammation and acid/alkaline imbalances in the body.

A major factor in the formation of chronic inflammation is the presence of free radicals occurring in greater abundance than the body’s ability to remove them, frequently referred to as “oxidative stress.” Excess acid-forming foods, drinks, and acidic lifestyles in general put an enormous strain on your patient’s digestive system, liver, kidneys, and other areas prone to chronic inflammation.

The body’s attempt to neutralize all that acid creates even more free radicals, which further damage inflamed tissue cells and steal electrons — your patient’s life force — from existing healthy tissues. By integrating a simple saliva-pH test and offering an alkaline, antioxidant, and phytonutrient-rich green drink supplement, you may see improved outcomes and faster healing times.

Monitoring your patient’s pH

A simple and accurate way to read a patient’s pH is to test his or her saliva. Saliva pH is a reliable body fluid to test outside of the blood, and it can easily be measured using litmus paper strips, which are available in most pharmacies. Many doctors buy small pH-testing kits that contain a small number of test strips (around 15), and a pH color chart to measure results, all enclosed in a small sealed bag.

Most doctors who have integrated saliva-pH testing into their practice buy high quality test kits and either offer them to patients at markup or give them away when the patient purchases an alkaline green drink supplement.

To test a patient’s pH, have him or her take the test kit home and first thing in the morning dip one paper strip into their saliva on a spoon for one to two seconds. In about 10 seconds they can compare the color on the test strip to the color on the pH chart and record the number. One reading of a test strip won’t really tell you much, because levels fluctuate.

It’s best to have patients track their readings a few times a week for two to three weeks to get a general idea of where they fall on the pH scale. This will give you and the patient a fairly accurate reading of their body chemistry.

Keep in mind that pH operates on a logarithmic scale, meaning that each increase of a single number in either direction away from seven is a multiple of 10. So when your patient’s pH moves from seven to six on the scale, that’s 10 times more acidic; seven to five is a hundred times more acidic, and so on. Coffee, for example, has a pH of around four and soda a pH of two.

Guyton says it takes 20 molecules of alkalinity to neutralize one molecule of acid, which means when your patients drink one 8-ounce glass of cola, it will take 20 8-ounce glasses of water to neutralize it. It’s obvious how the Standard American Diet (SAD) can produce such devastating effects on your patients’ health.

The power of alkalizing green drink supplements

Plant-based green foods add alkalinity to the reserves of your patient’s body. Barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, and vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, parsley, and kale along with fruits like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, plums, pears, and many others flood our bodies with chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and oxygen.

Healthy cells thrive on an alkaline, oxygen-rich plant-based diet, while unhealthy cells or viruses, bacteria, and cancers hate oxygen.

Pathogens prefer an acidic diet high in animal products, processed and refined foods, and synthetic chemicals.

When you eat a plant-based diet or supplement with an alkaline green drink, you assist the body in maintaining an alkaline aerobic environment. The more oxygen you get in your food, the more health you should experience.

Excessively acidic food creates an unhealthy cellular environment, which increases the chance of pathogen growth. Green drinks and living foods from fruits and vegetables are the most alkaline, oxygen-rich foods you can eat. They are the prescription for optimum health because they still contain their life force.

Alkaline balance and pH testing protocols

Since the majority of injuries in your office are muscle and joint pain related, and are chronic in nature from improperly managed inflammation and acid/alkaline imbalances, it’s likely that the tissues surrounding the area of main complaint are acidic and loaded with free radicals. Therefore, it’s not necessary to measure saliva pH in your office on the first visit to determine the need for alkaline balancing.

Saliva pH below 7.0

Two alkaline green drinks/day and one alkalizing mineral drink

Saliva pH above 7.2

One alkaline green drinks/day (alkalizing mineral drink optional)

Simply conducting the typical patient workup that includes the main complaint and history along with examination findings should be enough for you to suggest an antioxidant-rich supplement. As part of your routine treatment of inflamed tissues, recommend a change in dietary and lifestyle habits that favor alkalinity.

Knowing that most patients are more interested in getting out of pain than changing their lifestyle habits in the initial phase of care, it seems most prudent and beneficial to consider offering them an easy and simple way to alkalize their bodies and quench free radicals as part of their initial treatment program.

The recommendation of a phytonutrient-rich, alkalizing green-drink powder supplement on the first visit, one that contains many different superfoods, complex carbohydrates, alkaline protein, and vegetable-based healthy omega oils will provide a substantial amount of antioxidants with an abundance of free electrons. This can help quench free radicals, decrease inflammation, alkalize surrounding tissues, and provide acid/alkaline balance, which can ultimately improve outcomes.

Patients can be sent home with a green drink supplement and a pH test kit to record their saliva pH over the next couple of weeks to monitor improvement, or determine the need for additional lifestyle changes.

Educate patients to improve compliance

Most patients, rightly or wrongly, think of chiropractors as neck or back pain doctors. Since most will have difficulty in connecting their “back pain” to pH testing and the benefits of a green drink supplement, it will be helpful if you can connect the dots for them: from their spine, to their nerves, to their organs, and finally to pH imbalance.

Consider using a software program that shows patients the connection between where they hurt in their neck or low back, the route of the affected nerves to the end organs, and a correlation to pH imbalance. The software should have a simple checklist patients fill out that clearly demonstrates how their current acidic lifestyle is contributing to their acid/alkaline imbalance and free radical production, and exacerbating their pain and inflammation.


In chronic muscle and joint disorders, the presence of chronic inflammation, acid/alkaline imbalance, and oxidative stress in the myofascial tissues are inseparable; you cannot have one without the others. Therefore, to correctly heal chronic muscle and joint problems, monitor a patient’s saliva pH and offer an antioxidant-rich alkalizing green-drink supplement that manages the metabolic factors of chronic inflammation and free radical damage.

So many of us are stressed out most of the time. Others struggle to think clearly and forget things often. Still others during flu season easily catch colds, flu, viruses and infections more than other people. If you or anyone else fit any of these, you need to know about this alkaline food mix that unleashes the power of Alfalfa, Barley Grass and Wheatgrass into your body.

The Alkaline Super Foods mix is a highly convenient way of rapidly delivering a dense source of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, powerful antioxidants and chlorophyll to boost your health and help you feel more vibrant and less sluggish and stressed.

It’s an EASY way to BOOST your body’s immune system.

The Alkaline Super Foods mix is packed with all the protein (Plant-based), vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils to combat disease, strengthen your immune system, explode your energy levels making you feel terrific from the inside out!

It combines 3 of the most powerful green alkaline super foods – Alfalfa, Barley Grass and Wheatgrass – to produce a mega nutritious formula to re-balance your body and restore its critical acid-alkaline equilibrium.

How To Make The Super Alkaline Green Juice

Simply mix Alkaline Superfoods with water or juice and stir vigorously, or use a blender.

Just sip and enjoy – easy! Enjoy the rich goodness as all three green super foods – barley grass, wheat grass and alfalfa leaf – alkalize and energize your body towards optimal health.

Flush Acids Out Of Your Body

Excess acid may impact immunity, digestion, bone strength, hormones, and the function of essential internal body organs. Recent research suggests that human body needs to be slightly alkaline to be able to perform at its peak level and remain in optimal health – Alkaline Superfoods makes that fast and easy!

Alkaline Super Foods Mix is:

  • 100% Certified Organic
  • An Alkaline Food Supplement
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Alkaline Super Foods is loaded with dietary fibre, Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, Chlorophyll, 16 vitamins, 13 minerals, 18 amino-acids and other naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to help you strengthen your immune system, explode your energy levels and make you feel terrific from the inside out!

Alkaline Superfoods is a highly convenient way of rapidly delivering a dense source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidats, plant pigments, phytonutrients and essential amino acids.

Discover Life Of Unlimited Energy, Sharp Mental Concentration & Radiant Good Health!

Alkalize & Energize Your Body Towards Optimal Health with the Alkaline Super Foods mix!


Alkaline Superfoods

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Alkaline Super Foods Mix is a delicious super green drink.Alkaline Superfoods is guaranteed to help you improve your health energy levels and wellbeing. Our research shows that replacing dietary carbs with protein helps reduce appetite, drop body fat and improve cholesterol levels. In other words, it helps you lose weight – the sensible way!


100% organically grown young Barley Grass, Wheat
Grass and Alfalfa Leaf. No chemical, animal products
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Transition From Acid to Alkaline Health Benefits

The Most Comprehensive pH Balancing System available.

  1. Helps to detoxify from acidity
  2. Alkalize Your Body
  3. Super-Hydrate Yourself
  4. Replenish and Restore Your body to pH Balance and Optimal Health.

Holistic. The synergistic effort of all of these products working together helps to effectively neutralize and eliminate a large quantity of damaging acidsdangerous toxins, and harmful microforms from your body.

Includes A Comprehensive Instructions Guide.

Recommended for those who are Very Acidic (Testing in the Very Acidic pH Zone).

Learn more about The Complete Alkalizing Program Kit to get Started.

Looking for other kits?

Alkaline Jump Start Kit (If you want to Jump start your pH level slowly)

Alkaline ionized water is not only a powerful anti-oxidant, fights inflammation, but now is also proven to have therapeutic health benefits because it contains diatomic molecular hydrogen.

This may be one of the most important preventive health article you will ever read. Please read on.

We recently learned that the most important number related to our water is not pH or ORP. In fact, the most important number in health and wellness may not be your PSA, cholesterol or blood pressure, an ANDI score or ORAC. The most important number is the Number 1 on the Table of Periodic Elements, Hydrogen. To be more specific diatomic molecular hydrogen. That tiny, pervasive, immensely powerful hydrogen. It turns out that this has been the magic in our water ionizers all along…

About three months ago, we were introduced to the concept of molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is just that; a molecule comprised of two hydrogen atoms. It goes by various names, but is most easily referred to as simply H2. We always knew about H2 because electric ionizers create it at the cathode during electrolysis along with OH-. The research had always pointed to the OH- as the important product of the process.

More recent research in Japan and Korea has confirmed that what makes our so powerful is, in fact, H2. There are over 350 peer-reviewed articles that have been published in reputable scientific journals such as Science and Nature, pointing to therapeutic health benefits of H2 in 138 disease models. A good portion of the research can be seen at under the "Studies" tab on the main navigation.

Alkaline Water Ionizers and Molecular Hydrogen

ALL electric water ionizers produce H2 at the cathode, some with higher concentrations than others. AlkaViva’s premium water ionizer machines have been tested and are among the ones that contain the highest H2 saturation level. We believe that ionized alkaline water is still a terrific way to deliver H2 to the body. I still drink from mine every day, all day.

H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets

There is, however, a fantastic additional way you can easily get the benefits we have all enjoyed from our ionizers in a simple and affordable tablet you put in clean UltraWater. These revolutionary new H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets generate up to 8 times more H2 than our ionizers do!

"I regularly supplement with H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets two to three times per day. Many of us who are using them have found that benefits we expected and enjoyed with ionized water are markedly amplified by supplementing with H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets. Personally, I have experienced complete relief of two ongoing inflammation issues and noticed a marked improvement in recovery from my workouts. I will never go a day without H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets!" – Jay Hare, President of Alkaviva

A Brief History of Molecular Hydrogen

The medicinal properties of molecular hydrogen appear to be promoted as early as 1798. Many years later in 1975, the departments of Biology and Chemistry from the prestigious Baylor University and Texas A&M published a great article on the potential use of molecular hydrogen in medicine in the premier peer-reviewed journal of Science. However, it wasn’t until 2007, when an article was published in Nature Medicine, which showed the selective antioxidant properties and antiapoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen, that the biomedical field took strong interest in hydrogen’s therapeutic potential.

There's more at: Alkaline Water's Molecular Hydrogen Rich Therapeutic Health Benefits 

Alkaline Vegan Protein has the most complete raw protein sources available. With a synergistic blend Raw Golden Pea Protein and Sprouted Wholegrain Brown Rice, the high Biological Value of Alkaline Vegan Protein signals the next generation in sports and health nutrition!

VEGAN PROTEIN SHAKE– 100% All natural Vegan formula, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Whey Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Egg Free. .No soy allergens, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives.

This Great Tasting Vegan Shake is the foundation of your alkaline lifestyle. This proprietary formula is an excellent high quality, low carbohydrate protein source. This easy to digest formula is high in fibre and provides an extensive array of naturally occurring amino acids, the building blocks of protein. This low glycemic, high performance vegetarian super food assists your body in burning fat and becoming alkaline all at the same time.
Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein and Non GMO Yellow Pea Protein

High Oleic Sunflower Oil (Monounsaturated)
Organic Certified Flaxseed
Organic Certified Amaranth Flour
Organic Certified Alfalfa Sprout
Organic Certified Quinoa Sprout
Natural Vanilla Flavour
Organic Certified Guar Gum
Organic Certified Arabic Gum
Organic Certified Stevia Extract
Organic Certified Inulin (Agave

Please click on Shopping once you get to the Seven Point 2 Website and also click on Australia at the top of the shopping products page.

After indulging in what felt like a toxic acidic orgy and love fest with Mr Darcy, I have decided to lovingly offer a detox with one of my favourite alkaline green smoothies. What better day to share this delicious green smoothie recipe than today, which is International Green Smoothie Day. I know, I know, there is a holiday for every single food on the planet these days. But I am going to champion the cause of this green smoothie holiday with gusto, as I believe everyone should be including green smoothies in their daily eating regime.

That, and it is another excuse to champion my beloved Vitamix and the power of s'blended raw green foods. To learn more about the power of green smoothies head to my green smoothie page in the resources section where I talk in detail about the healthy benefits of drinking green smoothies and how I came to include them in my health regime.

Green smoothies are such an important part of my daily life that It has been remiss of me not to have shared more green smoothie recipes with you sooner. Apologies for that!

I will add a little disclaimer here: Some of the green smoothie recipes I will share will be to your liking and some won't . In other words, some are for fun, and some are more hard core. We all have different taste buds so what works for one person won't be palatable to another. Let me also stress the importance of rotating your greens in order to achieve a balanced nutritional profile in your green smoothies. I received a few emails recently asking me about why I use so much spinach and questioning me about excessive consumption of oxalic acid. I do not use spinach in my green smoothies every day. I rotate my greens to include kale, carrot greens, turnip greens, beet greens, dandelion greens, silverbeet, parsley and many others.

The only reason why I often include spinach in the recipes is that it appeals to the majority of people. Spinach is a very mild tasting green that is widely available. It also blends with a multitude of sweet and savoury flavours for mainstream appeal. I thought it best to ease more cautious foodies into the concept of green smoothies, in the hopes they will get passionate about the power of live greens and start branching out with more exotic blends.

I first tasted a version of this smoothie when it was made for me by Doctor Robert O Young and Shelley Redford Young at the Beverly Hills Library some time ago. I had followed Dr Young and his work for many many years, and the chance to finally meet him in person was exciting. Since then, I have been lucky enough to spend some time with Dr Young and the staff at The PH Miracle Center and it has been life changing. 

I asked Dr Young if I could post this alkaline green smoothie recipe and he graciously gave his permission. So here is a version of Dr Robert O Young and Shelley Young's famous green alkaline sweet smoothie. 

Happy Green Smoothie Day!

Alkaline Foods and Diets, and a Healthier Lifestyle

An Alkaline diet and lifestyle is the best way to experience optimal health, vitality and energy. Western diets are high in acid-forming foods, resulting in poor health results for most people. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2008 heart disease and cancers were the leading cause of death in this country. Also 50% of adult Australians are overweight and 50% experience cancer at some stage in their life. Now more than ever it is important for people to take steps to manage and maintain their health.

Here at Smarter Health, we believe that by adopting a more alkaline lifestyle – including alkaline foods, water, supplements and alkalising forms of exercise, you can reduce the occurrence of most diseases. We offer an alkaline food chart, highlighting which are the high alkaline foods and which acidic foods to avoid. We have alkaline food recipes available and many alkalising foods and supplements. We also offer a free pH test to measure whether your body is currently in an acidic or alkaline state.

What is an Alkaline diet and how do I plan one?

When looking to adopt an Alkaline diet, it is important to have the correct information first, as many alkaline food charts contradict one another. Our information comes from Dr. Robert Young, who pioneered the path of alkaline diets and supplements.

The main foods to include in an Alkaline diet are:

  • Vegetables, especially green vegetables
  • Grasses such as wheat and barley grass
  • Low sugar fruits (lemons, limes, grapefruit, avocados and tomatoes)
  • Fresh herbs
  • Alkaline water
  • Alkaline supplements (such as pHour salts)
  • Grains such as buckwheat, millet and quinoa
  • some nuts and seeds (better when soaked)

tips to lose weight

It's a pitch Hollywood celebs love: that the alkaline diet – also known as the alkaline ash diet or alkaline acid diet – can help you lose weight and avoid problems like arthritis and cancer. The theory is that some foods, like meat, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods, cause your body to produce acid, which is bad for you.

Eating specific foods that make your body more alkaline, on the other hand, can protect against those conditions as well as shed pounds. The alkaline diet really rocketed into the news when Victoria Beckham tweeted about an alkaline diet cookbook in January 2013.


Does It Work?

Maybe, but not for the reasons it claims.

First, a little chemistry: A pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. A pH of 0 is totally acidic, while a pH of 14 is completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral. Those levels vary throughout your body. Your blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. And your urine changes, depending on what you eat – that's how your body keeps the level in your blood steady.

The alkaline diet claims to help your body maintain its blood pH level. In fact, nothing you eat is going to substantially change the pH of your blood. Your body works to keep that level constant.

But the foods you're supposed to eat on the alkaline diet are good for you: lots of, and lots of water. Avoiding sugar, alcohol, and processed foods is healthy weight-loss advice, too.

As to the other health claims, there's some early evidence that a diet low in acid-producing foods like animal protein (such as meat and cheese) and bread and high in fruits and veggies could help prevent kidney stones, keep bones and muscles strong, improve heart health and brain function, reduce low back pain, and lower risk for colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. But researchers aren't sure yet.

People who believe in the alkaline diet say that though acid-producing foods shift our pH balance for only a little while, if you keep shifting your blood pH over and over, you can cause long-lasting acidity.

What You Can and Can't Eat

Most fruits and vegetables, soybeans and tofu, and some nuts, seeds, and legumes are alkaline-promoting foods, so they're fair game.

Dairy, eggs, meat, most grains, and processed foods, like canned and packaged snacks and convenience foods, fall on the acid side and are not allowed.

Most books that tout the alkaline diet say you shouldn't have alcohol or caffeine, either.


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