Most Australians Are IOdine Deficient

Most Australians Are IOdine Deficient

Iodine Deficiency

Brown Seaweed Iodine Extract With Fucoidan Australian Ultra Life 1000 Is an Excellent Organic Source Of Magnesium & Potassium & Selenium and all of the trace minerals. 

Your Whole Blood supply Passes Through Your Thyroid Every 15 Minutes So A Healthy Thyroid Will Affect Your Whole Body.


Most of us are iodine deficient and Ultra Life 1000 is the best source for your thyroid. You need iodine for a healthy thyroid and metabolism. Iodine deficiency can cause brain damage, miscarriage, premature delivery and infertility and lowered IQ. 

Your Thyroid is part of your hormone system that:

  • Controls the metabolic rate of almost all cells in the body

  • Controls the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates

  • Boosts protein synthesis

  • Regulates heart rate and blood flow to organs

  • Is important for energy production and oxygen consumption in cells

  • Promotes linear growth and brain development in children

  • Is needed for normal reproductive function in adults

  • Is important in bone and calcium metabolism

Signs Of Iodine Deficiency:

  • Lethargy and tiredness, muscular weakness and constant fatigue

  • Feeling cold (even on warm days)

  • Difficulty concentrating, slowed mental processes and poor memory

  • Unusual weight gain

  • Depression

  • Thick puffy skin or puffiness of the face

  • Hair loss

  • Dry Skin

  • Constipation

  • Weak, slow heart beat

  • Enlarged thyroid or goitre