Flax Muesli For Your Gut Microbes

flax muesli recipe health kitchen.JPG


5 Cups Freshly Ground Flax Seeds

1/2 Cup Toasted Organic Pumpkin Seeds

1/2 Cup Goji Berries

4 Tsp Real Cinnamon (I use Vietnamese Cinnamon its the best)

3 Scoops Powdered Stevia

4 Tsp Acacia fibre


Mix together and store in the freezer or fridge as the omega 3 fats can go rancid quickly. Your gut microbes will love this muesli so serve it with milk kefir. I find 1 tablespoon of this muesli with kefir very satisfying.

Health Benefits:

  • Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc

  • Goji berries contain a macular pigment Zeaxanthin 10 times more than egg yolks

  • Cinnamon helps to stable blood sugar

  • Flax contains soluble and insoluble fibre & lignans that associated with reduced breast cancer risk

  • Freshly ground flax is a good source of Omega 3 fats and will also help your digestion

  • Gut microbes need fibre to grow and give you more vitamins and beneficial compounds