Chris Wake is known in both horticulture as an award winning landscape Designer & as an international Visual Artist. Her garden and story have been featured in magazines Country Style, SA Gardens and Today Tonight Channel 7. Her qualifications are Adv. Dip Horticulture & Cert. Plant Based Nutrition and has been teaching for 14 years how to improve health by growing organic produce, sprouting and eating fermented foods. She teaches nutrition cooking classes from time to time at WEA. 14 Years ago Chris was on a personal health journey search and spent many $1000`s trying to find a way to boost her immune system but could not find the answer to the multiple health problems. Her systemic ill health included PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Pre Cancer cells in the cervix, Obesity, Chronic Insomnia, IBS, Gluten and Lactose intolerance, very frequent colds, flu, tonsolitis and bronchitis. 14 years ago she had the opportunity to move to a 1.25 acre property at Piccadilly with a run down heritage cottage and set about transforming a sheep paddock into a show garden with an orchard and extensive vegetable gardens. She firmly believes "Our health begins with gut microbiome diversity & population, soil health and growing the most nutrient dense vegetables possible in mineral rich PH balanced soil is the foundation of health. Putting the organic minerals into the soil and Picking and eating fresh is key but very often overlooked by health professionals and as Australia is an ancient land its topsoil is already very nutrient deficient and this has a direct impact on out total health."  Her diet morphed into a plant based one and the more plant based she became her body responded with health and healing.  The transformation and healing like the diseases she suffered was systemic and profound and she knew this information needed to be shared with others. All of the diseases I have suffered are gone which to me is simply astounding, I am not perfect and still come down with a head cold occasionally but that is usually caused by having a few glasses of wine on the weekend!