Your Health Depends On Nutrition Not Supplements

Vegetable Garden at Piccadilly

Vegetable Garden at Piccadilly

We live on an amazing planet - we are part of a delicate and complex web of life and I believe one day scientists will discover a strong biological link between all plants and animals.  We need exactly the same elements as plants to survive except we need sodium and iodine as well (seaweed is an excellent source for this).  Some of the largest animals on this planet are vegetarian and get all their protein needs from plants.

All animals eat fresh and so should we, and we can make a great contribution to our planet and our health by choosing to eat more plants.  We actually have herbivore digestive tracts (long) rather than carnivore digestive tracts (short) and have teeth designed for grinding not tearing and yet we are so focused on animal flesh and animal products as the most important part of our diet.  Our genetic code is 98% exactly the same as a chimpanzee and their diet consists of leaves, fruit, nuts, and some insects. We forget that we are higher primates with a very creative intelligent brain and we have this ability to justify and talk ourselves into just about anything.

Never before in our history have we had such easy access to abundant food and medicine - so why are we so sick?? Never in our history have we experienced such huge increases in the rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease , cancer, auto immune disease, allergies, ADD, autism, obesity, super bugs, alzheimers disease.  In fact the WHO (World Health Organisation) predict that in the next 10-20 years 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their life - and what strikes me as tragic is that most of  of these diseases are preventable.  We all have genetic predisposition but the genes have to be turned on and if you switch to a high nutrient diet in time these genetic expressions will probably not occur.  As 80% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract this is where all the problems begin and this where they should be fixed. The typical western diet consists of  calorie dense food from dead animals and it is high in salt,  fat, simple carbohydrates, sugar and way too much protein.  We are so focussed on macro nutrients ( protein, fat and carbohydrates) instead of micro nutrients that we do not get anywhere near enough vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.  Thanks to the TV cooking shows, busy lifestyles, effective fear marketing by the meat and dairy corporations and lack of nutrition education, dinner plates in western countries have a large lump of meat, chicken or fish cooked in butter, oil, salt and cream and salad is just a garnish! Living on this kind of diet will trigger disease at some point in your life - you can be overweight, obese even, and still be malnourished.

Most food on the supermarket shelves is not nutritious, I consider it to be a food product designed to make profit.  The large corporations and large scale & factory farmers of food are not interested the care of their animals, the chemicals they use, or the levels of nutrition in their crops. It is up to us to vote with our wallet and take control of our health by growing some of our own food because nobody else will do it for you.  One of the most powerful things you can do is grow sprouts. Sprouts are a living food full of enzymes, concentrated vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a digestable form and have none of the chemicals in them associated with farming.  They are easy to grow and are still alive when you eat them in comparison to a vegetable that is picked a week prior and sits on the shelf for another week before you buy it and eventually use eat it.

 I will discuss sprouts in more detail in another post but be aware that grains, seeds, nuts and pulses such as lentils if  sprouted first before eating or cooking are much more nutritious, the nutrients are more bio-available to your body & amplified by  up to 1300%!!.  This is phenomenal - for example, oat seeds when sprouted the vitamin B2 content increases by 1300% and B6 by 500%. 

Our health is directly linked to the health of soil.  Some soil is very poor in natural minerals and there can be a wide variation of vitamins and minerals per mm3.  Therefore it is my belief that we can all greatly benefit from growing some of out own food in a small vegetable garden or in containers and making sure the correct minerals and home made compost is in the soil so the plant contains the right nutritional profile. If you dont want to be a victim of or improve recovery from cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, colds and flu, alzheimers, auto immune disease, suffer from allergies, ADD, or autism then the information that I will share with you may be very helpful.

Berries are full of phyto chemical compounds and anti oxidants

Berries are full of phyto chemical compounds and anti oxidants

You will be interested to know that imported fresh food is sprayed with methyl bromide to get through quarrantine and this is a chemical used in fire extinguishers.

 I do not recommend eating imported fresh produce for this reason also as consumers, we do not know what chemicals have been used on these crops.  Grow, pick and eat your own and buy local organic produce that is in season is the optimum way for the best nutrition levels in food.  Always ask the greengrocers where the produce is from and ask them to label the origin of the produce - you have a right to know. Some crops are sprayed with herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides up to 10 times in the growth cycle. These chemicals are making a major contribution to the decline of our health. In California 7000 tons of pesticide is used on the almond crop every year and they are wondering why 60% of their bees die every year and now there are not enough bees found naturally to pollinate the crops.  If all the bees on the planet died today, man would only survive for 4 years.

Nutrients in plants diminish very rapidly, if I pick lettuce out of my vegetable garden and keep it in the fridge until the next day, it is already up to 50% depleted of its nutrients within 24 hours, therefore what you buy in the shops has minimal nutrients due to the farming method and length of time it travels and eventually consumed.

You may be interested to know that the US Department of Agriculture has been collecting data on the nutrient content of food since the late 1800`s and the nutrient content of broccoli for example has diminished by 50% per mm3 since 1950, this is due to the use of hybrids as opposed to heirloom varieties and possibly modern farming methods depleting nutrients in the soil.  Fruit and vegetables that are grown organically have more nutrients in them because of the way they are farmed.  More care is taken with the soil and they are produced more sustainably. Getting your nutrition from fresh organic plants is far more effective in boosting your immune system  and it has been my experience that supplements (which are designed to do just that - supplement not replace) cannot replace fruit and vegetables. The best way for optimum nutrition is to grow some yourself, pick and eat mostly raw.  Two large nutritious salads per day and some vegetable juice for breakfast will be very beneficial to your body`s requirements.


A view of vegetable beds in the main garden

Sunflower Sprouts - are a complete protein