Time For Winter Veggies & Fertiliser Recipe

Plant Brassicas Now

It is time for winter vegetable planting - seedlings (it is too late for most seed sowing now except for rocket, salad lettuce, radish, herbs).  Brassicas like to grow while the ground is still warm, so that includes tatsoi, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, chard, spinach, cabbages. You will need to dig through plenty of compost and fertilise the soil.  Here is a recipe for fertiliser:

80% blood & bone

10 % Organic rock dust

10% dolomite lime

1 cup per m2

dig this through where the roots will grow, I also use vege net over electrical conduit hoops, the vege net keeps all the flying pests out and reduces water consumption by 30% and creates a micro climate.