The focus of this food blog is on the alkaline diet with plant based recipes and information on how to grow nutritious plants and it is designed to encourage both non vegetarians and vegetarians/vegans to eat a healthier diet by eating a lot more of the nutrients your body needs to function well. There are many nutrition scientific studies that show a plant based diet is far superior to a typical western style diet and this has been my direct experience. I am totally convinced that this is right diet for all humans and believe the each one of us have the potential to be well every single day for life. 

You will find delicious recipes, information on how and why it is important to grow some of your own organic vegetables, how to grow sprouts, micro greens, juicing, smoothies, plant based meals, pro-biotic drinks and pro-biotic vegetables,  super foods, sourdough bread making and useful information in general.  

Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
– Hans Christian Anderson

I will also be adding some video demonstrations, conducting interviews, and book reviews.  My qualification is in horticulture Adv. Dip. Hort. and it is this knowledge that has lead me to a more enlightened way of living and abundant health.  The journey has taken me 30 years but in the past 6 years since changing to a plant based diet, I no longer suffer from colds and flu - not even a sore throat, and I used to get ill very 4 weeks.  I no longer have insomnia - a terrible condition I have had since childhood, I have lost weight have more energy and no longer suffer food poisoning from restaurants.  My skin and hair glow and my outlook is very positive. 

Our health is directly link to the health of soil.  Some soil is very poor in natural minerals and there can be a wide variation of vitamins and minerals per mm3.  Therefore it is my belief that we can all greatly benefit from growing some of out own food in a small vegetable garden or in containers and making sure the correct minerals and home made compost is in the soil so the plant contains the right nutritional profile. If you dont want to be a victim of or improve recovery from cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, colds and flu, alzheimers, auto immune disease, suffer from allergies, ADD, or autism then the information that I will share with you may be very helpful.

Alkaline Diet

 For 25 years I was an award winning Landscape Designer working in ours business with my partner and for the last 15 years I have been building up my art career as well.  I have had 15 solo exhibitions and 40 group exhibitions in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Monaco, South Africa and New York.  I still paint and my studio is open by appointment.


The information on this website in based on my 30 year health journey and horticultural experience, I am not a qualified medical or natural therapies practitioner therefore I reccommend you seek professional advice if you are ill or need to lose weight and before embarking on an exercise program - a medical professional who is willing to work with natural therapies will be more beneficial to you.